Water Play for Toddlers – Fishing for Colors and Letters 



water play for toddlers and preschoolers



Water play is top 5 in our home. 


It is one of those activities that my kids just absolutely love and can play for hours with. 


Whenever I bring it out, I know they are not only having fun but they are receiving sensory benefits as well. 



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What are some fun water games? 


This setup is so easy peasy to set up and I’m sharing exactly the items I used, the learning games we played and all the fun about this water play set up below!




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Water Play Indoor Activity Setup 


So, how easy is this to setup? 


So easy!


You don’t need the large round tray we used. 


You can definitely use a large bin or even try this in the bathtub! 🙂


At first, I did not add the foam letters


It originally was to be a foam snowflake tray but I could not find my foam snowflakes. 


So, I improvised and grabbed our blue foam blocks and blue foam squishy toys.


They were to be pretend play blue ice blocks! 🙂


But, then I thought, “Why not just add in our foam letters and turn this bin into a fun multi educational learning game?” 


My little one will not only learn about saving the blue squishy toys and blue foam squares but she’ll also be learning about fishing for foam letters!




So, I did exactly that. 


My preschooler fished for foam letters and called them out with me.


And, she also fished for blue items and called out the blue items with me. 


A perfect winter activity for learning about the color blue and more!




What are some of the benefits of this water play activity for kids?


  • Fine Motor Skills (This goes along with the question, “ Is pouring a fine motor skill?”)

  • Hand/Eye Coordination

  • Learning about Letters

  • Learning about the Color Blue

  • Sensorial Experience

  • Object Identification


And so much more…




Is water play a sensory activity?


Water play is a sensory activity


How so? 


It allows your child to explore and create new ideas in areas of play. 


When your child hears the water with their hearing senses, it is stimulating the sense of hearing. 


When your child plays with the water by touching it, it stimulates the sense of touch. 




How does sand and water play help a child’s development?


Water play is allowing for the building of nerve connections which trigger a child’s ability to apply more complex learning. 


It calms them and is a wonderful calming experience. 


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What sensory play activities have you tried? I’d love to learn about them. Please let me know in the comments below! 🙂


What other fun ways and learning games can you think of with this simple water activity for kids?




Will you give this Water Play Fishing for Colors and Letters a try?


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water play for toddlers and preschoolers

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