Art and Craft Activity Supplies and Storage Holiday List 

Art and Craft gift ideas

One of my favorite things to purchase are art and craft supplies for my kids. 


Some of these they get access to and some they don’t as there may be smaller pieces, or I want to keep it all organized. 🙂


Art and craft activity supplies are not necessarily a gift that will be given to them as is. 


Rather, it’s a gift for them once you use some of these products in a fun learning activity, or a sensory bin


What I like to do is once I purchase pom poms or wool balls, I’ll add them to a storage bin that corresponds to them and whenever I set up a fun activity for my kids, I bring them out! 


Keep in mind, some of these supplies may be small so parental supervision is always advised. 


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What are activities for children? 


This is a fun question to answer. This question comes up on the G when I enter arts and crafts supplies for children. 


To learn more about some fun sensory activities we love in our home, check out this right here. 


In a nutshell, activities are a fun and engaging set up you set forth for your child. 


It can be anywhere from a learning activity, sensory activity, indoor/outdoor activity, fine motor activity, gross motor activity… 


So many different types of activities!


And, the wonderful thing about setting up an activity for your child is that you can make it anything you want it to be. 


If your child is reading a certain book from the library, you can set up a fun activity that incorporates the colors of that certain book. 


If your child is experiencing different emotions, you can create a sensory bin to stimulate their senses and in turn calmly engage. 


This is where arts and crafts can come into the mix…


What you add into these activities can look something like a pom pom, a fine motor tool, tape to create an obstacle course, magnet letters for a fun find the letters in the sensory bin game. 


What should be included in a preschool art center storage or home?

This is a question asked when I search through internet. 

Lets get into the different art and crafts supplies we totally approve of:


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To name a few, here are some of the types of arts and craft activity supplies we use and engage with:

**Just click on the image to learn more about the item you are interested in. **



    • Pom pom’s


  • Do a Dot Markers

    • Dot Stickers


    • Foam Sheets


  • Clothespins 

    • Construction Paper


    • Crayola Crayons


    • Crayola Markers


    • Watercolor set


    • Post it Notes


    • ABC Flashcards and Magnet Letter Set

    • Kwik Stix


    • Painting Supplies


    • Paints


    • Kinetic Sand


    • Bowls


    • Magnet Letters


    • Magnet Numbers


    • Shape Links/Blocks


    • Foam Letters


    • Scissors for little hands


    • Painters Tape


    • Elmer’s glue


    • Roll of white paper


    • Measuring Cups


    • Funnels


    • Activity Trays


    • Pipe Cleaners


    • Food Coloring


    • Adhesive Sticky Liner


    • Storage Bins


    • Water Beads AKA Orbeez


    • Art Easel




And here are a few storage and storage bin ideas for an art and craft activity supply room:


    • Storage Bin


    • Cubbies


    • Floating Wall Shelves


    • Rolling Office Organizer


    • Wall Mounted Book Shelf


    • Shelving Unit (4 squares)


    • Shelving Unit (9 squares)


    • Organizer Rack



Hope these ideas help out!

Please leave me a comment down below if you have an art/craft supply or a storage idea that you love! 

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Art and Craft gift ideas

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