About Me

Hi, im so happy you are here! My name is Tam (Tammi) and this is my little blog that I have created. I am a mom of two sweet little girls. I am very passionate about teaching my littles, building them up mentally and emotionally, as well as all things play based and play to learn!


When my first born child came earth-side, I became very passionate about guiding and teaching her through each of her developmental stages. I just wasn’t sure how to proceed about it or how I was going to do it. I saw this little bright girl who was ready and willing to learn. I new I had to come up with ideas for her to progress educationally while playing at the same time.

This is where my play based curriculum, dramatic plays and printables come into play. She absolutely loves imaginative play as most children do. Restaurant checkout or Catch the Fish came to life (Coming Soon)! I wanted to create a play to learn curriculum, dramatic play, learn colors/numbers/shapes… where she can learn while playing both interchangeably! So I am in the process of doing just that for my blog so that you can enjoy some of the fun with your active littles!

Below is a quick and simple video I made on how to make Rainbow Slime – You can find this video and more by following us on Instagram: @ActiveLittles

Our Story

It all started in 2018 when I was thrilled and full of energy in extending what I love and how we proceed with our days through social media. I came to this agreement with a strong hold to inspire other mama’s. Thank you for reading our story and I hope you feel inspired!

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