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Play to Learn Printables


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I am creating a printable for my preschooler, every other day of the month of January 2020 and Im sharing them with you + including all bonus printables. 🙂


Any and all materials on this page (excluding the Preschool Activity Binder, Early Learning Task Boxes and Past Subscription Printable's are included 🙂


This subscription is for Preschool and Kindergarten. It is $11/month and contains so many fun printables. 


So far, there is:


Day 2 - Winter Activity Binder - $ 5 value

Day 4 - Winter Visual Discrimination Printable - $3 value

Day 6 - Mittens Maze Game Printable - $2 value

Day 8 - Polar Bear Fishing Alphabet Match Printable - $3 value

Day 10 - Arctic Animals Early Leaning Cards - $ 4 value

Day 12 - Catching Snowflake Shapes Printable - $3 value

Day 14 - Teaching Colors Printable - $5 value

Day 16 - January Winter Matching (binder) Activity - $3 value

Day 18 - Winter Clothing Dressup Printable - $3 value

Day 20 - Snowflake Sight Word Pretend Play - $3 value



Past Subscription Printable's: (December)

Day 1- Christmas Lights Alphabet Cards Printable - $3 value

Day 3- Christmas Activity Binder - $5 value

Day 5- Christmas Uncover and Learn Colors Printable - $4 value

Day 7- Christmas Lights Counting Placemats Printable - $3 value

Day 9- Winter Tracing Fine Motor Activity - $2 value

Day 11- Christmas Playdough Mats Printable -$4 value

Day 13 - Gingerbread House Counting Cards - $4 value

Day 15-Hot Cocoa Cafe Pretend Play/ Sight Words Printable - $5 value

Day 17-Christmas Sweets Matching/Memory Game Printable - $2 value

Day 19-Christmas Letter Magnet Match Printable - $2 value

Day 21-Candy Cane Patterns Printable - $2 value

Day 23- Gingerbread House Decorating Printable - $5 value

Day 25- Gum Drop Differences Printable - $3 value

Day 27- New Years Find Count and Cover Printable -$ 4 value

Day 29- New Years 1-10 Puzzle Printable -$3 value

Day 31-New Years Alphabet Match Printable -$3 value


Past Subscription Printable's: (November)

Day 1- Pre Primer and Primer Dolch Sight Word Fall Leaves (as seen above this page). $3 value


Day 3- Thanksgiving Interactive Binder $5 value


Day 5- Turkey Puzzle Numbers 1-20. $3 value


Day 7- Color my Turkey Coloring Page $3 value


Day 9 - Turkey Dress Up and Learn Colors, Counting Matching and more. $3 value


Day 11 - Fall Puzzle - Coloring Pages $2 value


Day 13 - Simple Graphs - Fall themed - $2 value


Day 15 - Turkey Counting Cards - $3 value


Day 17 - Hay Ride Alphabet Pattern - $3 value


Day 19 - Fall ABC Clip Cards - $3 value


Day 21 - Fall Pie Shapes Placemats + Pretend Play $4 value


Day 23 - Fall Pattern Match - $3 value


Day 25 - Fall Fill in Placemats - $2 value


Day 27 - Fall Leaf Counting Activity Placemats -$3 value


Day 29 - (Last of..) Fall I-Spy Game Printable - $2 value



Once the month of January is over, I will create a printable every other day for the month of February!

All past material for January will not be available in the subscription. They will all be available individually in my TPT store , Etsy Shop and as individual items on my website

February material will be available and so forth throughout the coming months. This is to make it easier so everything is compartmentalized in an orderly fashion. 🙂 

Please keep in mind: We do not offer cancellations on our subscription. This is why it is a monthly payment of $11/month 🙂  If you decide you would like to end the subscription, you will be able to access the system until the current invoice period ends.



I am planning to bring them back 3x a year. But I am still not certain. 

If you have any suggestions for a printable, please email me at




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