Floating Dry Erase Marker Experiment for Kids – Valentine’s Day 


floating dry erase marker experiment for kids



Oh golly! 🙂


This is by far one of our favorite stem experiments for kids we have ever tried! 


Let me tell you, my girls absolutely loved this!


You only need 2 ingredients


That’s right!


An only 2 ingredient science experiment for kids!!


And, it’s perfect for Valentines Day!


Of course, you can try this on any given day by not only adding hearts but by adding letters, numbers, swirls and curls… 


So many fun ideas you can try besides hearts. 🙂


So, would you like to learn how I made the magic happen? 


I’ll be sharing below how I made this, what I used and the how easy peasy it is to make. 


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dry erase marker experiment





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And, that’s all folks! 🙂


Easy peasy right?



Why does dry erase marker float in water? 


It’s really simple. 


The ink in dry erase markers is insoluble. 


The definition of insoluble is, “impossible to dissolve.”


Therefore, when water is poured onto dry erase marker that is written on a glass plate, a heavy upthrust prevails a part of the dry erase markers ink, pulling it upwards and in turn causing it to float. 


How neat is that? 



Below is a video of our floating hearts science experiment!





How do you make a floating stickman? 


You may be asking yourself, “How do you make a dry erase marker float on water?”


There are so many fun ideas you can try. 


We chose to make floating hearts which are perfect for Valentines Day


But you can try doodles, swirls, letters, numbers, a floating stickman…


It’s all up to your imagination! 🙂




How do you do the dry erase water trick? 


Here are the steps I took to create our floating hearts dry erase water trick:


  • Lay a plate on the table (I used a glass plate.)

  • Draw a figure on it with dry erase markers (I drew hearts.)

  • Pour water onto the sides of the plate. 

  • Watch the magic unfold as the hearts/images start to float around!


dry erase marker science experiment



I hope you enjoyed this 2 ingredient floating dry erase marker experiment. 


Have you ever tried it? What was your experience?


If you are looking for a fun Valentines Activity, I hope you try this one out!


My girls had so much fun watching the hearts float around. 


We used a straw to blow them around. 


This is not necessary but it was fun with it!


dry erase marker science experiment for kindergarten



Make sure to keep the straw away from the water. 


You can also cut a piece of the straw so if it accidentally goes in the water, the water will not go upwards through the straw! 🙂 


As always supervision is advised. 


Hope you give this kids activity a try! 



Will you give this Floating Dry Erase Marker Experiment for Kids – Valentine’s Day  a try?



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floating dry erase marker experiment for kids

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