Valentines Day Hearts Rice Sensory Bin 


valentines day sensory bin for toddlers



Valentine’s Day is upon us!


And, what better way to bring out a sensory bin – VDay themed!


This one was a total hit and perfectly suited and themed for February!


I used candy hearts but if you have hearts stickers or heart printables for early learning, you can add those right in. 


Sensory play is by far one of my favorite types of setups I always bring forth when I am in need of washing the dishes, or loading the laundry. 


It is one of those types of play that my girls will play with for hours. 


Why is this? 


Well, sensory play is loaded with benefits and stimulates the nerve connections to explore and learn in a more complex way!


To learn all about the benefits of sensory play and for a fun bonus of over 100 sensory play and sensory bin ideas, don’t forget to check out this post, right here


If you want to see all that I included in this fun Valentines Day sensory bin, the supplies I used and how easy this sensory bin was to setup, I’ll be sharing it all below. 




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valentines day sensory play




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hearts sensory bin for kids




How I put this Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin together…


Easy peasy and fun! 


There really is nothing to it! 


I used what we had and added in those candy hearts to it! 🙂


First, I added an ikea bin within a large bin. 


This is so that if there is any fall out, the larger bin would catch it. 


Then around the ikea bin, I added small containers, an empty ice cube tray, funnels, measuring spoons, a plastic cup… 


Really, it could be anything you have and feel comfortable adding in your bin to give to your child for play. 


I then poured uncooked plain white rice (this one had pinto beans from a previous activity we tried but it is not necessary to add pinto beans) into the ikea bin and added a few of our handy dandy candy hearts


That’s all there is to it!


And, bonus points for in and out, hours of play!




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Valentines Day Sensory Activities for Preschoolers


So, you’ve set up your sensory bin


How can you make it more educational? 


The candy hearts is a great first step. 


You can use the ice cube tray for color sorting of the candy hearts. 


Shout the colors of the candy hearts within the sensory bin


For a more advanced approach, add and subtract the candy heart colors you collect. 


An example would be, if your child collected 2 orange candy hearts and 3 pink candy hearts, you can add or subtract them. 


Sensory play offers a ton of benefits already as well. 



Note: If you are interested in learning all about the benefits of sensory play and for over 100 sensory bin and play ideas, definitely check out this post, right here



What other fun ways and Valentines Day Sensory Activities can you think of with a rice sensory bin




Will you give this Valentines Day Hearts Rice Sensory Bin a try?


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valentines day sensory bin for toddlers

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