Spring Contact Paper Toddler and Kids Activity


spring contact paper toddler and kids activity



Contact paper activities also known as, “sticky wall activities”  are so much fun! 


We’ve tried a handful of sticky wall activities and what I love about them is this: 


  • They are adaptable

  • You can themed them for whatever season it is

  • Kids love sticking their toys on them

  • You can make a learning activity out of sticky wall activities

  • Looking for a fun craft? Try a sticky wall activity and keep it as a keepsake! 


There are literally so many fun ideas you can try with contact paper. 


This time around, we made a fun, spring themed activity using contact paper. 


I’ll share below how I put this together and how both my girls super enjoyed this easy activity at home. 


Note: Looking to make a beautiful rainbow using contact paper? Check out our Rainbow Tissue Paper Window Art activity! 





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Spring contact paper window art


How did I put this contact paper suncatcher together? 


It was very simple. Here are the steps I took to put this together: 


  • I made sure to cut the amount of contact paper needed that would fit the window. 

  • Then, I pre cut 4 pieces of tape so they were easily accessible while I attached the contact paper to the window. 

  • Make sure the sticky part is facing you. 

  • Slowly unroll the contact paper and attach the four corners with the pre cut tape

  • You should have a sticky contact paper facing you with four pieces of tape holding it onto the window. 

  • Cut up pieces of tissue paper with spring themed items. 

  • I cut up strips of a circle and rectangular lines for the sun in orange and yellow.

  • Then, I cut up clouds in blue and a long strip of grass in green

  • I even cut up the parts of a flower like the stem and the flower and some leaves..

  • Get creative and make a fun scene with tissue paper your kids can attach to the sticky paper! 




Contact paper ideas for Toddlers


Toddlers can place their plastic toys onto the sticky wall!


Do you have kitchen toys like bananas, oranges, and any of the fun little toys toddlers usually have in their playroom? 


You can learn about colors by sticking them to the sticky wall! 


Practice counting with them and learning while playing


This is play based learning. 


This is play to learn. 


And, we are all for having fun while learning! 🙂




Contact Paper Crafts for Preschoolers


A great way to make this educational for preschoolers is to cut up different shapes or letters/numbers to attach to the sticky wall. 


Do you have foam letters/ foam numbers at home? 


Use these to learn about the alphabet and counting. 


Each time you add the number or letter you can shout its letter sound/letter name together. 


How fun is that? 


What other fun ways can you think of using a sticky wall for preschoolers and early learning basic skills?


spring contact paper kids activity


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