Water Play for Kids using Droppers



water play using droppers for kids


I’ve said this before and I will say it again and again. 🙂 


Water play is top 5 in our home! 


It’s filled with benefits, my girls play for hours with water play, they become even more creative and imaginative while the water stimulates their senses and it’s just so much fun! 


This time around we used our kid friendly droppers and let me tell you… it was oodles and oodles of fun! 


I’ll share below how I put this invitation to play together, what we used and how we went about learning with this play to learn activity right at home! 


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Simple Water Play for Toddlers


A fun and simple water play activity we loved and tried was this water dropper activity. 


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Here are the steps I took to set up this simple indoor water play for my girls: 


  • Lay a play tray on the table.

  • I placed paper towels with fruit imprints inside the play tray

  • Note: If you do not have paper towels with imprints on them, that is okay! 

  • Here is a fun way you can try without imprinted paper towels: 

    • Use crayola markers or any kid-friendly marker really to draw fruits, letters, or whatever you feel is okay to draw. 

    • Then, add an additional sheet of paper towel over the drawn out paper towel. 

    • When you add water to it the bottom sheet will magically appear in the paper towel sheet right above it. 

  • Once your play tray is filled with paper towels you are ready for the next step. 

  • Fill cups with water and a tiny droplet of food coloring of a different color within each cup. 

  • Mix well. 

  • Insert your kid-friendly droppers within each cup.

  • Then, you are ready for some water play fun! 

  • Use the droppers to color the fruits/imprints on the paper towel. 



Water Play for Kids using droppers


Water Play Activities for Preschool


Do you want to turn water play educational for preschoolers


It’s easy! 


If you were to use the fruit paper towels, you can match the correct colored dropper with the fruit and talk about each of the colors! 


What about counting them? 


If you do the magic paper towel method you can talk about the colors that magically appear to the paper towel that is on top. 


Why not draw out numbers or letters? 


Then, you can talk about the letters sounds that appear! 🙂 


What other fun ideas can you think of with this awesome water play and paper towel experiment for kids? 


Leave me a comment down below. 🙂


Maybe we can try it out too!


water play for kids

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