Easter Fine Motor Activity 


easter fine motor activity for kids



This simple Easter setup is so much fine motor fun


I get so excited with Easter activities that come with benefits and are fun for my kids! 


This one right here is so easy to set up and requires only a couple of manipulatives. 


I’ll be sharing below all we used to set this play to learn activity up, how I went about making it educational and how my girls gained fine motor skills benefits. 



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What are examples of Fine Motor Skills? 


Fine motor skills are when children use their motor skills to pick something up, hold a pencil, button a shirt or tie a shoe. 


It allows for children to strengthen and master these skills and improve their fine motor skills! 


Some examples of fine motor skills are: 


  • Cutting paper

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Writing

  • Picking something up

  • Tying a shoe

  • Eating with their hands

  • Turning a page

  • Scooping and pouring

  • Puzzles

  • Legos




Why are Fine Motor Skills important? 


All the examples above  will help children improve their fine motor capabilities and they also are the basis of pre-writing skills! 🙂 




Fine Motor Skills Activities 


There are many activities you can bring forth that can be fun and incorporate fine motor skills! 


For another fun fine motor activity we tried with zippers, check out this post right here! 


This time around we themed our fine motor activity for Easter. 


How I put this simple Easter fine motor activity together: 


  • Add your uncooked beans into a bin. 

  • Then, add Easter themed mini erasers within the uncooked beans. 

  • This is optional: Add green crinkly gift wrapping paper (We called these caterpillars). 🙂

  • Add an empty ice cube tray and fine motor tools for collecting the mini erasers. 

  • Voila! You are ready to play and learn and gain some fine motor skills


My preschooler talked about the colors as she collected the mini erasers with her fine motor tools. 


You can also try counting them and learning through play


What other fun educational activities can you think of trying with this simple setup? 




How to improve Fine Motor Skills


Looking for more fun activities your child can help improve their fine motor skills? 


Some of these fine motor skills can be accomplished while doing everyday things: 



And so much more! 


Can you think of any fine motor skills that can be added to this list?


easter fine motor activity

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