Simple Ice Cream Shaving Cream Activity for Kids 


simple ice cream shaving cream activity for kids



Summer time calls for ice cream activities and this one was so much fun! 


We had a lot of fun with this shaving foam activity! 


Shaving cream art calls for outdoor fun, doesn’t it? 


So, here we are with a fun shaving cream experiment with a little ice cream twist to it!


Oh! And, it also included pool noodle pieces because you can have a fun outdoor shaving cream activity without pool noodles, right? 


Classic activity – pool noodles and shaving cream. 


So, here we are using diys with shaving cream and including a bit of ice cream fun to it! 


I’ll share below exactly how I put this awesomeness together and how you can try it out this summer too! 🙂


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shaving cream activity for toddlers and for kids



Fun things to do with shaving cream 


Here are the steps I took to put a simple outdoor shaving cream activity together: 


  • I folded a brown foam sheet into a cone shape and attached paper clips on the top and bottom to create a cone.

  • Then, grab a pool noodle and cut pieces of it to add into your sensory bin. 

  • Add your cones, your foam shapes and your can of shaving cream into your sensory bin as well. 

  • Then, bring this shaving cream activities setup outdoors. 

  • If you have a hose around or some type of bin with water that would be amazing (this is to wash off any extra shaving cream if it gets to be too much.)

  • And, there you have it! Add layers upon layers of shaving cream and pieces of pool noodles to create ice cream layers within the cone. 

  • Then, sprinkle the top with foam shapes (sprinkles). 

  • And, add any fallen leaves or flowers (kids are so creative) to the very top!

  • Voila! Would you like a pretend ice cream cone? 


This activity is so much fun! 


Activities for kids such as these allow children to use their imagination and creativity and create something epic out of open ended items! 


How neat! 


P.S. If you’d like colored shaving cream for pretend ice cream flavors, here’s how you can attempt this simple DIY: 


  • Add shaving cream into a ziplock bag.

  • Then, add a drop of food coloring or liquid watercolors. 

  • Mix the bag up.

  • You’ve made pretend strawberry ice cream if you used pink or pretend pistachio ice cream if you used green…


simple outdoor shaving cream activity for kids



How do you make shaving cream art? 


You can also try a fun painting with shaving cream activity for kids. 


Add the colored shaving cream to the table. 


Then, have fun making a fun shaving cream painting. 


Shaving cream paint is really neat for coloring and if you’d like to see one we made which was oodles of fun, check out this post right here! 




Is shaving foam safe for messy play? 


I, personally have used shaving foam in our kids activities and it has been really fun and worked well for us. 


It really depends on the decision you would like to make for the activities you bring forth for your child and as always supervision is a must. 


I would say it depends on the parent. 🙂 


Also, please keep in mind we did not introduce shaving cream activities until my LO wasn’t placing items in her mouth anymore. 


With careful adult supervision we allowed it from the age of 3 and up and it is what works for us. 





What can you make with glue and shaving cream? 


With glue and shaving cream, you can make puffy slime! 


We have made a puffy slime before that I have not yet added to my blog just yet but it was lots of fun! 


Here are the ingredients to puffy slime: 


  • ⅔ cup glue (preferably white elmers glue)

  • ½ tsp baking soda

  • ½ cup of water

  • 1 ½ cups of shaving cream

  • ⅜ cup contact lens solution

  • 1 squirt/tsp of dye/pigment/glitter


How to make this puffy slime recipe: 


  • In a bowl mix glue, baking soda and water. 

  • Mix. 

  • Add in shaving cream and dye/pigment/glitter..

  • Mix. 

  • Add in your contact solution to bring it all together. 


And, there you have it! 


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I hope you enjoyed these shaving cream games and ideas and that you try some of these out too! 


And, if you have tried out a fun shaving cream activity or craft, what did you try? 


Share with me below. Maybe we can try it out too! 🙂


shaving cream activity for kids

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