How to make Oobleck (Goop) | Easy 2 Ingredient Recipe DIY 


how to make oobleck for kids



Here’s a fun poem I added to my IG page that I’ll also share here: 






It can’t be held for too long. 


It’s both a solid and a liquid state, 


And never both or you made it wrong. 


You can change its color by adding some dye, 


Intertwine it and mold it and create something epic and really – fly. 


Who am I? 


I love poetry. 


So, here is GOOP! 


We. Love. Goop. 


Aka.. Oobleck. 


Oh yes! Fun and easy experiments with cornstarch and water. 


Whenever we make this play goo, we all get so excited! 


This play stuff is amazing and I’ll be sharing how easy this 2 ingredient goop recipe is to make below! 


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Materials: Recipe oobleck: 

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This recipe for oobleck is as easy as it gets! 


Just 2 ingredients and so easy for kids to make. 





How do you make oobleck? 


How to make gloop or goop: 


Easy peasy! 


This is exactly how I put together our recipe for goop: 


  • Mix your cornstarch and water measurements together and that is it! 

  • If you’d like to add a bit of color to your goop, add the measurements into however many trays and mix the colors in. 

  • Then, mix all of the colors together to make a colored cornstarch goop (this is the way we did it!) 🙂 


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How to make Oobleck Recipe (Goop) Video Below




Can you make oobleck with flour and water? 


We have tried this flour recipe oobleck method and I believe it did not work as the flour is not as fine and doesn’t contain the special ingredient – corn flour. 


I have read however that arrowroot powder will work as an alternative! 




How long does it take to make oobleck?


With all of the ingredients at eye level, it took us less than 1 minute to make oobleck! 


You can make oobleck in seconds! 🙂 


It’s that easy! 


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how to make goop for kids



How do you make oblik slime? 


We have never made oobleck slime before. 


However, it is something I am now interested in. 🙂 


So, hopefully we can try oobleck slime out very soon. 


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Can you keep oobleck? 


We have kept frozen oobleck before. 


Once my girls (goop kids, :)) were done playing with their oobleck activity, I froze it into an ice cube tray for a future activity! 


Check it out this homemade goo recipe here. 


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We have also attempted a cornstarch stress ball (oobleck style) that was just made by inserting the oobleck into a balloon. 


Then, tying the balloon up and squishing it for a fun and therapeutic stress ball.



how to make oobleck goop for kids

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