DIY Alphabet Match


You’ll love this simple at home activity!


Sometimes, an activity you create from scratch, turns out perfect. Everything just works out great and the diy you created from a cardboard box is a winner. You end up with something made from nothing, such as this diy alphabet match activity.


I had a feeling my girls would love this activity but I never had a clue that it would be an activity they would come back to all of the time. Sometimes, an at home activity does just that. It is a total game changer.

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Simple meets Game Changer


The simplicity of this activity may have been why it was a hit. Maybe it was my girls watching me set it up that made it a hit. Or just maybe, it was the sensorial sound of the craft sticks being inserted into the hollow box that makes it appealing to them.


Whatever it is: I’ll take it.  

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How I put this at home activity together



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Instead of throwing away a cardboard box I just received a shipment from. I decided to use it as a learning toy by creating a quick and simple game for my littles.


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I used a craft knife to create 26 slits on the box. These slits are for the insertion of the craft sticks. Then, I used a sharpie marker to write out each ‘uppercase’ letter of the alphabet above each slit on the box.

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To create a matching game, I added ‘lowercase’ letters to the end of 26 craft sticks.


Add a little singing to the mix


My daughter grabbed the box and used the craft sticks to match the lowercase to uppercase letters. Adding a little singing to the mix can help in the learning process.

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Other amazing tips and ideas you can try


You can add paint to the mix and create a color and alphabet match.

Saying something like:


“Find the Pink A!”

“Find the Blue S!”


This is a fabulous way to practice the alphabet and colors.

Adding numbers or cute ideas such as @happytotshelf did by making a flowers activity box is another amazing idea.

diy alphabet match for preschoolers

She Loved This! Even though the letters are alphabetically in order, it still adds a sensory and visual experience for her. It helps her find them each time and improves her learning skills.


Here is a list of amazing skills and benefits this little at home activity made from scraps was helpful for:


  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Alphabet Practice

  • Arm Strength

  • Listening Skills

  • Hand and Eye Coordination

Alphabet activities can be so much fun

At Home Alphabet Activities don’t need to be difficult. They don’t need to involve worksheets where you write on.


There are so many ways you can go about learning the alphabet – even with a cardboard box and craft sticks. By setting out simple activities like this, your child is interacting, learning, and playing in a wonderful way. This was a perfect way to learn the ABCs.

Sometimes an activity made at home works out perfectly, and that was the case with this fun learning experience.


Will you make an alphabet Match Activity at your house?

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