Create a salt tray for fun handwriting practice


Handwriting is a skill that takes time to learn. It may feel like it is a very basic skill that kids can learn and achieve rather quickly, but the truth is, it takes time and patience. Research shows that handwriting activates a part of your brain that deals with memory and attention. How cool is that?

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salt tray sand tray handwriting skills preschool

Handwriting practice is a really big deal


It is an important skill that helps in better writing in the future and is linked to literacy. These are fundamental skills that took years to develop. It goes much deeper that handwriting while pinning other skills. Think of tying shoelaces, and playing baseball as examples that deal with learning to control forces one applies to certain objects while holding them with your hands.

sand tray for learning to write

Handwriting for the win!


It most definitely needs patience, and a helping hand. Afterall, handwriting is an important skill that trains the brain which in turn takes time.


A salt tray is a brilliant way to support handwriting development and a fun one at that!

learn to write and pre handwriting skills salt tray

Salt Trays are fun and effective for handwriting skills

Handwriting practice doesn’t have to be with a pen and pencil, you know? Practicing with the finger is a natural skill a child can take and it cancels out the added pressure of a pen/pencil grip.

handwriting practice sand tray

Salt Trays used for writing is a fun and effective way to learn about handwriting


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How I put together my Rainbow Salt Tray:


You can try adding salt just the way it is to a tray. I decided to dye it blue. We use dollar store basic shapes/numbers/letters flash cards but you can most certainly use homemade flash cards. Draw shapes/letters/number/symbols on the index cards which will be used for copying on the salt tray.

sand tray for writing skillshandwriting practice using a salt traysand tray salt tray for handwriting practicesalt tray sand tray handwriting skills



I added a fun rainbow effect under it by adding construction paper taped down to the tray. It was fun for them which is two thumbs up for me.

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Let the learning begin through patience and support


My 3 year old is currently not working on any letter/number formations. She is learning the basic circle and heart shapes. She is also learning swirls and swivels. I would add an index card and she would copy the design. These activities are amazing for the long run as she will be able to transition over to writing on paper in the future.

salt tray sand tray handwriting skills preschool


Miss 6 practices her addition/subtraction, sight words, as well as perfecting her lines while having fun. You can use a clean paintbrush for added calming, learning and effective fun.

salt tray for handwriting skills


This tray is fun but it is also more than just, well, fun.

This activity is so much fun, even for mom. But it definitely is more than that. It helps build muscle memory, nerve memory, and hand strength. However, pencil grip comes way later. This activity is not to learn letter/number formation for my 3 year old. Rather, the strokes and swirls which are going to prepare your child for handwriting skills in the long run. However, Miss 6 uses it for handwriting practice now having applied this same activity prior.



Will you try this rainbow salt writing tray out?

salt tray diy for handwriting practice

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