Letter Math I-Spy Activity


Entertain your preschooler at home using simple items you may already have!

dot sticker for toddler

Learning doesn’t have to be done on a worksheet or consist of writing. You can introduce play into the mix which inturn makes learning fun.

dot sticker early childhood education

Grab your paper roll, marker/sharpie and dot stickers. You are ready to create an activity that is fun, simple and effective.

learning through play dot stickers

Dot sticker activities are one of my children’s favorites. Whenever I pull out those stickers, they are ready for any game I come up with. It’s exciting for them!

dot sticker games for little ones

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Here’s how to setup your Letter Alphabet Match Activity at Home

16 dot sticker activities at home for early learners

Before the learning activity can begin, you must write uppercase and lowercase letters to the dot stickers and the paper roll piece you cut out. I wrote, the uppercase letters on the dot stickers and the lower case letters mixed up on the white paper roll.

dot sticker activities

Attach your paper roll sheet to the wall using poster tape and begin scrambling and writing those letters. Then, move onto the dot stickers. Write your uppercase letters. You’re all set!

Have fun and match away those letters. You can say, I spy… and then use the letter sound to find the correct match. Help your child out in confused cases. Have fun while learning!

dot sticker activities for kindergarten

16 Simple Dot Sticker Toddlers, Preschoolers, or Kindergarten Activities


1.  Fall-ow the line dot stickers. Draw a picture on a poster board and your child will follow        the line with dot stickers. So fun!

dot sticker follow the line

2. Dot Sticker Letters such as initials or even your name.

dot sticker activity for preschoolers

3. Color Match the web by matching the correct colored spider to the correct dot sticker.

busy toddler dot sticker activity

4. Color Match Drop using colored toothpicks and colored dot stickers.

dot sticker activities for early learners

5. Turkey Trot and Count originally by the lovely Beth from DayswithGrey.com. This is such an amazing dot sticker game for the little ones.

turkey trot dot sticker activity

6. Learn Lollipop Change by adding cent dot stickers to a muffin tin.

dot sticker learn about change

7. Use Playdough Dot Stickers and Noodles for effective counting

dot sticker activities noodle play

8. 3 Simple Dot Sticker Activities you can try at home using Dot Stickers


9. 5 Simple Learning Activities you can try at home using Dot Stickers

10. Simple Kids Learning Color Match Activity using dot stickers


Materials and Supplies


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There are so many ways you can go about using dot stickers. They are so versatile and one of our household favorites. We have used them for learning numbers, letters, shapes and colors. I also have setup a game of addition/subtraction or any of the ones I already mentioned.

dot sticker color matching activity

If I ever run low you’ll be sure to find me purchasing more. What other dot sticker games can you come up with? I’d love to learn about it.

dot sticker color match

Will you try any of these simple dot sticker activities with your little one at home?

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