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Preschool Activity Binder




Are you looking for a simple and easy all in 1 binder to teach your preschooler the basics of early childhood education?


Maybe something that is on the go and perfect for traveling?


What about something that grows with them, throughout the years to come? 


I added in a little of almost everything pertaining to the basics of early learning within this activity binder for preschoolers. 


I plan on adding in additional sheets in the future (upon your request, please)! I’d love to learn more of what you are looking for. 


For now, here is the preschool learning binder better yet known as the preschool activity binder! 🙂 



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How to put together your Preschool Activity Binder


Download and print out the Preschool Activity Binder


There are directions within them so you can follow along how to put together your binder. 🙂


We laminated the pieces so it’s easier to maintain them for when we are on the go or for traveling. 


This is not a necessity, but I do recommend laminating them! 


It will work great if you do not laminate them too! 🙂


I like to store the pieces within a small 3 ring binder zipper pouch


What other ways can you think of storing the pieces?



How to use your Preschool Activity Binder 


Both my Preschooler and Kindergartener use the Preschool Interactive Binder or aka busy book interchangeably. 


This is because it works well for both of them at their own level of learning.  


My Preschooler may be learning the letter “P” that week, so she will point to it and look for things that start with the letter P at home (with my help, of course).


My Kindergartener will be able to use the binder/ busy book in a more advanced approach. 


She will not only look for items within the house that start with the letter P, but with other letters as well! 


My Preschooler may count from 1-5-10 only. My Kindergartener can skip count by 2’s and 5’s. 


This is what is amazing about this binder. It will grow with them over the years. 


It is especially great if you have siblings at home. They may get to use it as well when they are able. 



Can I request a learning material page in the Preschool Activity Binder?


Yes! I plan to add additional sheets so you can add them in your binder! I am taking requests by you! 


You are ultimately part of the reason this binder was made. I made them for my preschooler in mind and I’m sharing them with your’s!  


Is there something you’d like to see in the binder that you’d love for your preschooler to learn?


Please, leave me a comment down below. 



Here is a Preschool Activity Binder video for your convenience. 🙂






Will you give this Preschool Activity Binder a try?




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Preschool Activity Binder

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