Alphabet Match Puzzle Printable for Kids


Alphabet Match Puzzle



I’ve been absolutely loving creating simple printables my preschooler can play and learn with. 


Since most preschoolers and kindergarteners love puzzles, I created this puzzled alphabet game. 


It’s as simple as matching 4 different pieces together. 


I’ll tell you more about below. It’s pretty neat! 


If your preschooler is learning all about their shapes and colors at the moment, you may want to check out this printable, right here!


free printable worksheet for preschool



What is this alphabet puzzle pdf all about?


This puzzle teaches the basics in letters. 


It incorporates:


  • Uppercase letters

  • Lowercase letters

  • Matching

  • Images with its beginning letter sound


There are exactly 4 different pieces to complete the letter puzzles! 


Printable ABC Puzzles for Pre-K


We’ve been enjoying these puzzles with my preschooler! 


Once you print them, you can use them as is, or laminate them (completely optional).


We laminated our puzzles so we can take them for on the go! 


Once you have decided if you will laminate them or use them as is, cut each of the pieces of the puzzle! 


If your preschooler is only learning a certain letter that week, practice with that 4 piece puzzle that week. 


You can even talk about the image/object they see and what colors they see! 


Try using letter magnets or foam letters to match with the letters on the puzzle! 


Printable ABC Puzzles for Kindergarten


We do the same process for kindergarten that we used for preschool and more!


Use more than 1 or 2 puzzles. 


Practice matching 5 or more letters that day with your kindergartener.


You can choose to match only the uppercase and lowercase letters and exclude the images or vice versa. 


You can also talk about the different images they see and maybe even try writing out a simple word such as: RED! 


The apple is red. Your kindergartener can practice sounding out and maybe even writing that color out on a sheet of paper! 


What other fun ways can you think of using these with your preschooler and/or kindergartener?




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Will you give this Alphabet Match Puzzle Printable for Kids a try?



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Alphabet Match Puzzle

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