Fall Leaves Counting Mats


Fall Leaves Counting Mats



Fall is here! Winter is coming! 


I’ve set up this free printable for my preschooler and I’m sharing it with you! 


It’s a simple activity that can be used in so many ways. 


One way we love to use these printable placemats is with leaf mini erasers.. 


I will also bring up other ways you can use these as well within this post. 


If your preschooler is practicing their letters you may be interested in this Alphabet Puzzle right here



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How to setup your Counting Mats Printable ..


Once you have downloaded your printable, print it out. 


Then, you can choose to use them as is. I like to use a dry erase pocket.


I’ll insert all the sheets into the dry erase pocket with the one my child is working on at the very top!


The dry erase pocket is great because you can use dry erase markers to draw, write and count while also being able to erase it once complete. 


It’s also great for taking on the go. Example: Such as using them in a restaurant or on a trip!


What other fun ways can you think of setting these printable’s and using them?



How to use the Fall Leaves Counting Placemats Printable?


This is my favorite part to elaborate on. 🙂


One of my favorite ways to bring forth this activity to my preschooler is with mini leaf erasers. 


The mini leaf erasers will eventually make the stem of the tree transform into a fall leaf tree!


Its neat!


However, there are so many other ways you can go about using this printable without using mini erasers:




What other fun ways can you think of using for counting? 



If you are looking for Toy guides this holiday season, I’ve compiled a grand list for 1 year old’s, Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Kindergarteners! Hope you check them out! 



Will you give this Fall Leaves Counting Mats Printable for Kids a try?



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Fall Leaves Counting Mats


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