Pouring Water Activity for Toddlers and for Kids


pouring water activities for kids



Activities that involve water are probably top 5 in our home. 


My girls love water play that incorporates a bit of water pouring, funnels and their cups.


It’s fun for them and they are also receiving the benefits of sensory play! 


Scoop and dump activities for toddlers and for kids is also a great sensory play idea that we have tried out before as well! 


Any ‘kid friendly’ pouring activity that involves a bin and a bit of water/kinetic sand/sensory bases are always so much fun. 


It’s summer time for us right now so bringing out the easiest pouring water activity for some outdoor play was a must! 


So, that is exactly what we did! 


I included empty ice cube trays for pouring water into the holes of the ice cube tray and for pouring water from cup to cup. 


Lots of fun! 


I’ll be sharing below how easy this simple pouring water setup is to put together. 


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pouring water activities for toddlers and kids



Dump and fill activities for toddlers


Do you have a little toddler obsessed with pouring water? 


Pouring games are a fun way to learn about so many things. 


Adding empty ice cube trays is a fun way to learn about color mixing. 


My oldest loves to make different colors using the ice cube trays. 


Her favorites are gold, sky blue and lime green. 


Toddler pouring toys can also be added into the bin to enjoy playing in the water with a toy dinosaur or a toy fish/whale. 


You can come up with a fun water pouring game of the animals being under an enchanted waterfall or the animals enjoying rain with a fun mesh toy that squirts water in all different directions. 


You can also create a toddler scooping station with sand, their own cereal or a sensory dry base if you don’t want to use water this time around.


If you choose to use their cereal, they can add them into the empty ice container holes and you can practice counting! 


How neat is that?! 🙂 


Water pouring activities for toddlers benefits: 


  • Fine motor skills

  • Hand/eye coordination

  • Filled with sensory benefits

  • Learning to pour and fill 


Preschool pouring pitchers are always fun to add into your bin as well! 


These ideas are all part of the “pour water” experience and are so much fun for littles. 



pouring water activities for toddlers and for kids



How did I put this simple water bin together: 


Here are the exact steps I took to put together this simple water bin: 


  • Add empty ice cube trays into your bin. 

  • Then add recycled cups and containers into your bin as well. 

  • Place water within each of the containers with a bit of liquid watercolors of different colors in each. 

  • Insert your water droppers into each of the containers. 

  • Bring out your bin and have fun with this easy pouring station preschool kids and toddlers will love! 

Pouring and filling activities are so much fun for littles and this is by far one of our top 5 activities we try in our home that they play for hours!



pouring water activities

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