Paper Plate Jellyfish Counting using Dot Stickers Kids Activity


paper plate jellyfish counting



This easy peasy counting activity for kids was so much fun! 


I included a bit of my crafty side to this poster board by using paper plates


I then created a simple jellyfish number activity using dot stickers that was loads of fun! 😀


So, let’s delve deeper into how I made this craft for kids with a twist into early learning! 


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Jellyfish tentacles counting


This activity was so much fun! 


My littlest enjoyed learning about counting with this jellyfish craft. 


Here are the steps I took to put this simple craft together: 


Note: Get your littles involved in the coloring of the jellyfish. It will make it that much more fun for them (learning through play.)


  • Cut however many paper plates you will use in half. (These will be the jellyfish.)

  • Then, draw eyes to each of the jellyfish half paper plates. 

  • Align them on the poster board to see how you will glue them on. 

  • Then, draw different colored lines to them if you’d like to learn about colors. 

  • Draw regular lines if you just want to learn about counting. Get creative with it. 

  • Use elmers glue to secure the jellyfish onto the poster board. 

  • Write numbers on top of the jellyfish that equal to the amount of tentacles of the jellyfish. 

  • Voila! You’ve a simple dot sticker activity. 🙂 


paper plate jellyfish counting with dot stickers


Counting with jellyfish


Each jellyfish had a different amount of tentacles. 


For instance, the 1 had 1 tentacle, the 2 had 2 tentacles and so on and so forth. 


My LO filled dot stickers onto the tentacle of the jellyfish with one tentacle. 


Then, on the jellyfish with 2 tentacles she added dot stickers to the two tentacles on the poster board. 


I incorporated a bit of color matching but you can just add one dot sticker to the one and then two dot stickers to the two to make it a bit of a less advanced approach. 


The paper plate jellyfish were really cool because they gave off this 3D effect of them popping out which was neat! 


And, like I said you can always have your LO decorate them before adding them onto the poster board with glue. 


This will allow for them to be more engaged and learning with a piece of something they made.




Creative uses for paper plates


Here are some ideas of creative uses for paper plate activities: 


  • Create a whale with half paper plates. 

  • Make a bear with a paper plate.

  • DIY ladybug paper plate craft.

  • Rainbow Craft with a paper plate.

  • Turtle Shell with a paper plate.

  • Make a flower with a paper plate. 

  • Ocean scene with a paper plate.

  • Pumpkin for Halloween with a paper plate. 


What other fun paper plate crafts can you think of? Leave a comment below! 😀


paper plate jellyfish counting using dot stickers

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