DIY Recycled Project for Early Learning 


diy recycled toy for early learning



Have you ever stored and saved recycled items in your home? 


I love saving toilet paper rolls, recycled paper rolls or recyclables such as this one to create something fun and epic that my LO can use as a fun recycled montessori toy! 


I have been eyeing this croissant container for a bit now thinking of something fun to try with it. 


I finally came up with a fun diy recycled learning toy that incorporated other recycled items. 


It not only works on colors, it works on fine motor practice, counting and addition/subtraction for a more advanced approach! 


I’ll be sharing below the items I used to put this recycled toy together, how I made it and everything else you may be asking about it 🙂 


Note: Are you looking for another fun DIY I made with a sensory bottle? Check out these water bead sensory bottles we made that were so epic! 





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DIY Montessori Kids Activity Video Below





DIY Montessori Kids Activity 


So, you may be asking  yourself, “How did I put this together?”


Here are the details: 


  • Use a craft knife to cut four holes onto a recycled container making sure the holes are the correct sizing. 

  • Then, hot glue the recycled baby wipe opener onto the holes you just cut making sure there are no sharp edges. 

  • After they have cooled down, you are able to open and close the baby wipe openers. 

  • Hot glue the playdough container tops onto the baby wipe openers so you can differentiate which colors go in the correct holes. 

  • And, there you have it! A fun diy montessori toy! 


A few tips to keep in mind:

  • The container is awesome and I plan to try this on a cardboard box next time too! 🙂 

  • Make sure the holes are covered completely by the baby wipe openers so there are no sharp edges. 

  • Use whatever color bottle caps your LO is working on at the moment. 




DIY Recycled Play for Preschool


This preschool activity diy can be used to learn about colors by color coordinating the correct colors into the correct slots. 


So, for the red playdough top slot, your LO can practice on their fine motor skills by opening the baby wipe lid top and adding a red pom pom. 


This is a great way to learn about colors while receiving the benefits of fine motor skills! 


You can also practice counting and then opening the clamshell container up again and counting what you’ve added in! 




How this DIY Recycled Project can work for Kindergarteners


Not only can this simple activity work for counting, kindergarteners can practice adding and subtracting! 


Instead of adding 4 baby wipe lid tops you can go with only two. 


Then, use a dry erase marker to add a plus sign or a minus sign in between them. 


Use pom poms to add however many within each baby wipe lid. 


When you have added the pom poms, be sure to track them by using the dry erase marker on the container. 


Since it is a dry erase marker you can easily wipe the numbers you write on the container of how many pom poms you’ve added in and try adding or subtracting a different set of numbers.



diy recycled project for early learning

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