Cupcake Liner Flowers Craft


flower craft using cupcake liners for kids



Do you have any cupcake liners lying around in your kitchen cupboard? 


Chances are, you do! 


And, if you do, here’s a fun spring activity you can try! 


Cupcake liners aren’t only good for cupcakes. 


They’re wonderful for kids’ crafts


And we love them as a fun spring craft for kids when the flowers are starting to come out again and bloom their beautiful colors! 


So, we made these around Mother’s Day as a fun and really easy Mother’s Day craft for grandma! 


I’ll share exactly how easy this simple craft is and how you can go about trying it at home right now! 


Note: Are you looking for a fun Mother’s Day craft you can try that is easy peasy too? Here is a tape resist mom card that is super cute! 






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How to put together this Cupcake Liner Flower Craft: 


It’s very easy and you can let your little one take the lead! 


  • I set out different pieces of tissue paper, buttons, cupcake liners and pre cut construction paper leaves and stems on a tray. 

  • My LO’s were to grab the pieces and create a cute flower using their imagination. 

  • They started with gluing the leaves onto the stems. 

  • Then, they grabbed a cupcake liner to create the flower! 

  • They also used tissue paper as the flower. 

  • Then, they used buttons to decorate their flowers. 

  • If you are not comfortable with buttons, you can use pom poms to decorate your flower craft 🙂 



cupcake liner flower craft for kids



Cupcake Liner Flower Preschool Activity 


Preschoolers can practice counting when adding their buttons to their flowers. 


They can also talk about the different colors each of the buttons are as they add them to their flowers. 


Is your preschooler practicing how to spell their name? 


How about writing out their name on the stem? 


Preschoolers will also learn about the parts of a flower


  • The stem

  • The leaf

  • The flower


And, if Mother’s Day is around, this beautiful keepsake can be made for mom, grandma, a caretaker, an aunt… 


Some of the benefits of this cupcake liner flower craft are: 


  • Hand/ Eye coordination

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Sensory Play by the tissue paper and cupcake liners 

  • Pattern Match with the buttons


What other benefits can you think of with this simple preschool flower craft? 





Cupcake Liner Flower Kindergarten Activity 


Kindergarteners can enjoy all preschoolers enjoy and more! 


Practice pattern match by adding a different button every other button upward on the stem. 


You can also create two different flowers and add for example, 2 buttons on one stem and 4 buttons on the other flower stem. 


Count them and add them for a fun craft learning activity


The possibilities are truly endless and so much fun with this simple cupcake liner flower activity for kids! 


What other fun ideas can you think of adding to this beautiful flower craft using cupcake liners for kids? 


Leave me a comment below! Maybe we can try it out too!


cupcake liner flower craft for kids at home

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