Bugs Preschool Sensory Bin 


bugs preschool sensory for kids



This sensory bin is not only a sensory bin


It’s also a multi-purpose activity


Can you guess what other fun play to learn ideas we tried with this easy bug sensory bin? 


If you guessed fine motor play, you’re absolutely correct! 


Along with fine motor play and sensory play I added in water play into the mix! 


Water play is awesome and top 5 in our household. 


I also added colorful bugs to make for a fun learning activity for preschool! 


How is that for a multi-purpose activity! 


My LO’s not only had fun but they had fun while learning! 


I love that! 


I’ll be sharing below what I used, how I went about this simple multi-purpose learning activity and all the in between 😀


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Those are all of the items you will need! 🙂 



bugs preschool sensory bin for kids


How to put together this simple and easy insect sensory bin: 


It was easy peasy to put together! 


  • I added water and a bit of dish soap into a bin. 

  • Then, I placed the colorful bugs in the sensory bin. 

  • I pulled out a fine motor tool and set it alongside the sensory bin. 

  • Then, we played a game. 

  • I told her to pull out 2 red caterpillars and add them to her soup. 

  • Then, I told her to pull out 1 yellow beetle and so on and so forth. 

  • She was not only learning about colors but she was also learning about the different types of bugs in our world. 


She loved this game and what a cool and fun way to learn about bugs and colors! 





Bugs Early Learning Sensory Bin for Kindergarten


You can also make this bug sensory bin a fun play to learn activity for kindergarteners. 


In the same way I played the game of pulling out the bugs by color and insect, you can add one set of bugs to one soup (a soup is basically a pretend container with water alongside this big one) and then a different set of bugs to another. 


When you have collected two different sets of bugs you can add them or subtract them for a fun math game for kindergarteners! 





Bug Sensory Bin for Toddlers 


These bugs are for 3 and up. 


But, with supervision you can use pom poms for a fun sensory soup! 


Add in a different set of colored pom poms to learn about colors and just have fun while getting the benefits of sensory play! 


Note: To learn about the benefits of sensory play and for over 100 sensory play ideas, check out this post right here! 


I hope you enjoyed this simple sensory bin that included a bit of early learning with bugs!


If you try it out leave me a comment below! 🙂


bugs preschool sensory play for kids

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