Frog Sensory Bag for Kids


frog sensory bag for kids



Sensory activities are so much fun! 


You can theme them in whatever way you’d like, for whatever theme you are looking for on any given season! 


They are truly one of the best forms of play and/or play to learn! 


I have created many different sensory activities in the past. 


Here are some of our most recent ones: 



So, this time around I made a simple frog activity for my girls! 🙂 


I’ll be sharing below how exactly I put this preschool frog activity together, what we used and how my girls went about learning with this frog sensory bag! 


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How to put together this Pond life preschool theme


Here are the steps I took to create this simple frog ponds activity! 


  • Open your zip lock bag.

  • Insert the water beads.

  • Insert the frog toys thereafter. 

  • Then, zip the bag air tight shut. 

  • Use a piece of duct tape to close the bag and shut it tight. 


Then, you are ready to play and learn! 




Frog activities for kids


This frogs pond sensory bag can be used for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten. 


For toddlers, you can push down on the squishy bag and learn about the color – green! 


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Toddlers can also learn the different colors of each frog and talk about the different frogs they see. 




Frogs for preschoolers


Preschoolers can incorporate preschool frog theme play based learning with this frog sensory bag!


Point at the frogs and learn about the spots on each. 


You can ask how many spots one frog has compared to how many spots the other frog has and so on and so forth. 


Mess free frogs pond activities such as this one are awesome for learning through play


Another fun way to incorporate and add frogs into this sensory bin is to add foam paper frogs. 


This is a great alternative if you do not have real toy frogs. 


What other fun play ideas can you think of with this simple and easy frog sensory bag? 


Note: Are you looking for a pond life preschool printable? Check out our fun 3-1 counting printable here! 




Frog ponds Sensory Bag for Kindergarten


Are you looking for ways to incorporate something fun and educational for kindergarteners? 


If you are looking for something fun and spring themed, try simple frogs pond sensory bags side by side. 


You can also add a small amount of water beads into a smaller zip lock bag and include one frog in one bag, two frogs in another, three in another and so on and so forth. 


In this way, you can count 1+2 or 3+5 by pointing to two bags and counting the frogs while having fun squishing the bags! 


How fun is that? 


Hope you enjoyed 🙂 and if you have any other fun ideas you can think of with these play to learn sensory bags, leave a comment below!



frog sensory play for kids

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