Spring Math Activities for Preschoolers and for Kids


spring math activities for preschoolers and kindergarten



We recently took our garden sensory bin outdoors and had so much fun learning and playing


I took a look at all those leaves and flowers my girls were playing with and decided to create an epic early learning activity with some of them. 


I love incorporating a craft board into our play and so here I came up with a great set of spring math activities that both my girls can try! 


Not only would this simple and easy set of math activities for preschoolers work for my four year old, but my 7 year old could also practice her addition and subtraction with it! 


“How?”, you may be asking! 


With this one simple little hack you can use a dry erase marker to change it up for them! 


I’ll be sharing this little secret tip down below and how I made this activity a multi-purpose activity for a differentiated set of ages! 😀


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Easy peasy, right? 



spring math activities for preschoolers



How to put together this simple and easy set board for math preschool activities


Here are the steps I took to create this simple little math activity for preschool and kindergarten: 


  • I drew a flower and stem onto a craft board.

  • Then, I set the leaves onto a tray for my LO to count and learn with. 

  • The secret hack I used to change the numbers on the flower was to use a clear piece of tape. 

  • You can use a dry erase marker to write on this and erase so you can have an ongoing experience of learning fun!

  • You can write equations or numbers and add the correct numbered leaves to the stem! 


This is a great way to incorporate a math activity for preschool and kindergarten! 


Math activities for toddlers can involve just adding the leaves to the stem and counting them 😀




Counting math activities for preschoolers


This activity was so simple, I only used a few items that we had right at home! 


You may also have some of these items right at home too! 


If you do not have a foam/craft board you can also use a paper! 


Some activities for preschoolers you can try with this simple set up are: 


  • Counting leaves

  • Counting petals

  • Talking about the different colors of the petals

  • Big – Medium – Small with the leaves


A simple math activity for preschoolers that we tried was to add the leaves to the stem! 


My LO was to count them as she added them! 


What an awesome way to learn preschool math


In a fun play to learn manner is the best way we have found for learning! 


Math for preschool doesn’t just have to be done on worksheets. 


You can incorporate nature’s treasures with a bit of help from the current season like this simple set of spring activities for preschoolers!


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Here are more math for preschoolers ideas you can try at home too: 



These are just some math activities preschool children can try that we have really enjoyed! 


Have you tried any preschool spring activities recently?


If you added in a bit of nature’s treasure, please share some of your ideas below in the comment section! 😀



math activities for kindergarten

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