Garden Sensory Bin for Kids


garden sensory bin for kids



Isn’t it just so lovely witnessing the flowers blooming outside and the sun shining upon your face! 


Oh, I love spring and all the seasons. 


So beautiful and amazing each one is. 


It’s been incredibly sunny these past few days. 


We decided to have some fun outdoors and bring out a flower sensory bin for some fun kids outdoor activities! 


There’s really not much to it and I’m excited to share below how I went about this simple and easy potting soil sensory bin. 


That’s right…


This garden sensory bin included a bit of potting soils and .. you guessed it.. 




So much fun! 


I’ll be sharing below how easy this is to put together and how we went about it! 


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And, that my friends is all you will need for so many different and fun kid outdoor activities! 




Outdoor garden activities for toddlers


If you have a little toddler, you can collect the soil for them and then they can add nature’s collections (fallen flowers, twigs, leaves) to it and have fun! 


Toddlers can have fun exploring outdoors while receiving the benefits of sensory play! 


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garden sensory bin for kids at home



Gardening activities for preschoolers


All I did for this simple kid outdoor activity was bring a bin outside and my girls just knew what to do! 


It’s like a natural instinct and I am here for it! 


They grabbed the tool that looked most like scooper and scraper and went into town collecting dirt/soil to add to their bin. 


Preschoolers can collect fallen flowers around the yard and you can talk about them a little more. 


Talk about the parts of a flower and the colors they see. 


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This kids outdoor activity is one that is always so much fun and mom can relax and soak up some sun rays while watching their littles having fun with their spring sensory bin! 




Kindergarten garden project


Kindergarteners can enjoy all that preschoolers enjoy and more! 


With this summer sensory bin they can plant seeds and count how many of each they planted. 


Learn about the types of herbs they plant and how to germinate them before planting. 


Five and Six year olds can also talk about the twigs they find and add them all up! 


Another fun kid outdoor activity for kindergarten is to play a game of what colors do you see with the sensory bin! 


There are so many amazing outdoor kid activities you can go about trying! 


Truly, nature is amazing and my favorite treasure from nature for learning about a lot of early learning ideas for kids are none other than rocks! 


What fun ideas can you think of for early learning with rocks?


garden sensory bin

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