Easy Summer Sensory Bins for Toddlers and Preschoolers


ocean themed sensory bin for kids



Setting up a sensory bin can be a really easy thing to do!


You can theme a sensory bin for kids in any fun way, theme, season or just for fun.


Because we are currently in summertime, I themed our sensory bin with an ocean theme for preschoolers. 


I used these lima beans we dyed on Earth Day for an easy Earth Day Activity for Kids. 


Then, I added in a couple of our water toys. 


It was an epic set of sensory bin materials that I’ll be sharing with you below!


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How to set up a summer sensory bin


You can set up a sensory bin in three easy steps. 


That’s right! Only three steps to make a simple sensory bin. 


Here are the steps I took to create sensory bin for toddlers and for kids: 


  • Set a bin on the table. I chose this square bin with no top. 

  • Add a sensory base. We used dyed lima beans. 

  • If you want to keep it a 2 step idea, this is all you will need. 

  • But, if you’d like the third and final step: Add in scoopers and small plastic bowls and themed cookie cutters. 


These are the steps needed to create a simple Ocean themed sensory bin! 


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easy ocean sensory bin for kids



What do you put in a sensory table?


There are all types of bases you can add into a sensory bin. 


Here are some ideas for sensory play fillers you can add into your sensory bin: 



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What is a homemade sensory bin?


A homemade sensory bin is a bin that can be made right at home or in a school setting and that is made from scratch. 


It can usually be as easy peasy as a 2-3 step process and involves: 


  • A bin

  • A base/filler (check up atop for a few bases you can probably try out!)

  • Tools




How do you make a sensory bin? 


A sensory bin is easy peasy and the steps you’ll need to put together one is very simple. 


You will need a bin, a sensory base/filler and tools (optional) but totally recommended! 🙂 




What are some sensory activities for toddlers? 


You can check out this post right here which not only explains the benefits your LO can achieve with sensory play but it also includes 100 sensory play ideas you can pick and choose from. 


I also have a couple sensory activities on my site so in the search bar up atop, type in, “sensory” and you will be on your way to a couple of sensory activities we have tried in our home that were really fun! 🙂 


Looking for more sensory tables ideas: 


Here are a few Sensory table ideas for toddlers and for kids we have tried in the past: 



These sensory bins will work amazing as summer activities for preschoolers and toddlers! 


I hope you enjoyed these sensory ideas for preschool and for kids. 


If you try out any sensory bins for preschoolers and for kids that I mentioned up above, let me know below! 


It’s always a pleasure seeing your sensory bins and sensory boxes for preschoolers and for kids. 


Enjoy! 🙂


fish sensory bin for kids

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