Easy Summer Foam Window Art for Toddlers and Preschool


simple foam window art for kids



I love summer time and all the activities, outdoor play and the fun that summer brings! 


Here’s an easy fun activity that includes a bit of glass window art and craft foam shapes. 


It’s a fun set of projects to make with kids and for kids. 


I’ll share below how I put together this simple and easy craft idea for kids. 


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These are the 3 items you’ll need for this epic outdoor kids activity!




easy summer foam window art for kids



How do you paint a window for kids? 


What kind of paint do you use on kids windows? 


There are a couple of different methods you can use for window painting. 


I like to use good old acrylic paint or tempera paint and you can add a bit of water to dilute the paint (easier cleaning). 


Another fun method is to mix a bit of cornstarch with water and mix a drop of washable liquids in it. 


You can also use crayola window markers or dry erase markers to have fun window painting!


So, “What can you use to paint on windows?” 


These are some helpful methods that work for us. 






How do you make a homemade window paint? 


Here are the steps I took to make this sun craft for kids:


  • I painted a set of different colors circles onto the window with acrylic paint (tempera paint will do too.)

  • Then, I brought out our wading table. 

  • I filled it up with water. 

  • Then, I added rectangular foam sheets of the same acrylic colored paint for matching into the wading pool filled with water. 

  • The water on the foam allows for them to stick to the window. 

  • My LO created a sun with the correct colored foam sticks as rays.  

  • They can count them and color match. 

  • I also added in foam shaped cutouts to add in the sun for a window shapes activity!

  • This easy peasy DIY learning game is a fun outdoor play activity for kids. 


You can buy cheap craft foam sheets at the dollar store. 


We purchase ours from the dollar store and from here. 


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Ideas for art projects


This art foam activity includes a bit of early learning and we are all for it! 


This simple set of art ideas for kids is fun, it includes learning through play and thereafter, my LO went into the wading pool. 


Hope you try this simple preschool activity out! 


It not only can be for preschoolers but also a fun shape art for toddlers activity! 


These simple kid art projects can be used for a differentiated set of ages and that is just awesome! 


Were all for it! 


Have you ever tried a home craft windows activity before? 


If you have, share below how it went, what you used and how fun it was! 


Maybe, we can try it out too! 


foam window art for kids

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