Easy Spring Flower Craft for Toddlers


easy spring flowers activity for kids



Simple, easy and fun is the name of the game! 🙂 


This kids craft is all of that and more!


This easy art and craft flowers with paper is a fun one.


I love easy activities my girls can put together and learn from! 


They enjoy them very much too. 


So, here I am with probably the simplest of simple spring crafts for kids activity you can probably try at home right now! 


You will only need one item. 




It’s easy peasy and I’ll be sharing below how I put this together and the learning game we used with this easy kids activity! 


Note: Have you checked out this easy kids activity you can try at home as well? It goes along with a very special book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”! 🙂 





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And, that is all you will need. 


Most of us have scissors and a tray at home we can add our construction paper pieces to. 🙂 




Flower Art and Craft for Toddlers


This is very simple to make and can be placed in a tray for a fun invitation to play. 


Toddlers can practice the parts of a flower such as the stem, leaf, petals and more. 


I also made the stems small – medium – large so it was easy to distinguish between each. 


You can also talk about the colors. 


I made sure to make the pedals a different color of construction paper. 


Call out the different colors as they add the pedals. 



simple and fun spring flower craft for kids



Flower Art and Craft for Preschool


Preschoolers can practice learning about the colors of the different pedals as well. 


They can also count them from 1-5 or more. 


Practice the colors of the rainbow and color mixing. 


For example, red and yellow makes the color .. orange. 


Small – Medium – Large can also be practiced with the stems. 🙂


What other fun ways can you think about using this simple flower craft with your littles?




Flower Activities for Kindergarten


Kindergarteners can practice addition and subtraction with the flowers stems. 


They can also practice with the pedals of the flower. 


For example, Create one flower with 3 pedals and another flower with 4 pedals. 


Add them together. 


This is a fun way to learn addition for kindergarteners.



Paper Flower Craft Ideas


Spring crafts for kids


What other fun ways can you think of creating with this flower craft. 


I can think of a few other ideas and I’d love to share them with you:


  • Instead of pedals for a flower craft, try tulips. Create each tulip differently and a different number of points on the flower. Count them, add, subtract..

  • How about learning shapes with this simple paper flowers craft? Create an extra set of pedals and match them by shapes drawn on each of the pedals. 

  • You can also try matching the pedals by color for a fun flower project for school or even if you are right at home.




construction paper flower craft

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