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early childhood education ideas for preschool



Don’t you just love easy peasy setups that require items you probably already own right at home, right now? 


I know I do! 


This one is perfect for winter and is a 3 in 1 set of early learning activities I set forth for my preschooler to learn about: 



And more.. 


I’ll go through what I used for each early years activity and how easy each one is to setup below! 🙂


pom pom activities



Note: If you are looking for some fun ice ideas you can try this winter, I’ve compiled a list of some we have tried and truly love. Check them out here







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Check out the video below to see this 3 in 1 activity in action! 




Note: Looking for a preschool curriculum kit you can try at home with your preschooler?

I’m creating a printable activity every other day (preschool schedule) for my preschooler and sharing them with you. Check it out, here



early childhood educaiton activities



Small group activities for preschoolers


These 3 in 1 activities will work great for small groups.


They are such a simple and easy setup you can definitely have 3 or 4 little setups for small group activities. 


Let’s go through activity #1



cotton balls and pom poms for learning



“Snowball” Pom Pom Counting


I used washi tape to create a ten frame. If you are in the beginning stages of preschool, you can try a 5 frame. 🙂


Ten frames show how categories of numbers are laid out and can be visually seen so it’s much easier to learn about adding and subtracting. 


This is really great for kindergarteners. Preschoolers can learn to count from 1-10. 


So, let’s get to how I set this up! 


I used washi tape to create a 2×5 grid. I chose a light blue one for winter. 


Then, I set out some white pom poms to imitate snowballs. 


My preschooler added the little pom poms into each square of the grid. 


My kindergartener can visually see how 5 pom poms on the top and 5 on the bottom make 10. 


This is a kindergarten approach to learning addition and can be a fun idea to learn addition and subtraction for a kindergartener! 



early childhood education ideas for preschool and kindergarten



Color Pom Pom Seek and Find 


You know those activities that just pop up out of the whim? 


This is one of them! And it is super duper easy. 


I added cotton balls and white pom poms (fake snowballs) in a bin. 


Then, I added colorful pom poms to it. 


Swirled them around in there. 


My preschooler was to search, pull out and say the colors she sees. 


If you want to add something to it, find matches of colors and match them. 


And for another fun idea, create patterns of colors for your preschooler and ask them what color comes next?


Finding and pointing to the colors is great for toddler preschool children.


For a more advanced approach of pattern matching try this with your preschooler! 🙂



letter stickers for preschool



ABC 123 Games for Kids 


Notepads and letter magnets! 


That is really all you need for some fun letter learning. 


By letter learning I mean: 


  • Letter sounds

  • Letter names

  • Letter matching

  • Uppercase/Lowercase Letter Matching

  • Letter Tracing 


And, so much more! 



letter games for kids



You can not only try this with letters but also with numbers! 


Learn numbers with a notepad and magnet letters


If you want to get fancy with it like I did, use some letter stickers. 


These work well too and are great for dazzling up your notepad!


How I put out notepad together: 


I added a letter sticker (you can also just write it 🙂 on a different page of the notepad.  


Add an uppercase or lowercase letter for matching with vice versa letter magnets


letter matching for preschool



Then, my preschooler used her letters to match with the correct letter on the notepad. 


That’s it! 


Easy peasy 🙂 


I hope you enjoyed these 3 in 1 preschool learning activities!


If you try any at home, let me know in the comments below 🙂 



Will you give these Early Childhood Education Activities a try?


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early childhood education ideas for preschool

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