How to make Edible Glitter using Sugar 


diy edible glitter recipe



Ohh! This is so much fun! 


Glitter is so bright and shiny and everybody loves glitter, right? 


Even, I love glitter and use it in my diy recipes here on Active Littles. 


It is wonderful stuff that can make slime look extra epic or an art piece look extra sparkly. 


But what if I told you that you can make glitter that is taste safe and edible?


Would you believe me? 


I hope so! 


It’s possible and so much fun! 


Want to learn how I made our glitter taste safe and unbelievably cool? 


Keep on reading. I’ll show you how! 🙂


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edible glitter for preschool activity




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And, that is all you will need my friends! 


If you’d like to add an extra sparkle and make it look even more like actual glitter, try using metallic food coloring! 🙂



edible glitter activity for kids



How to make Edible Metallic Glitter


For as long as I can think of, culinary artists and bakers have been using this method on cakes, cookies and pastries. 


It is this very culinary technique of sugar mixed with food coloring that can be used not only in the kitchen but at home as taste safe, edible glitter for activities with your littles. 🙂


So, how do you make edible “glitter” look sparkly and shiny?


By using metallic food coloring



What are the edible glitter ingredients? 


All it takes to make edible glitter is 2 ingredients! 



That’s it! 



edible glitter activity for preschool



How to make Colored Sugar edible glitter


The steps are simple. 


You can use a little bowl to mix these 2 ingredients together. I used a ziplock bag. 


I added 1 cup of sugar to around 8 drops of food coloring; closed it up and mixed until the sugar was fully coated. 


Then, I laid out each of the colors on a baking sheet/pan and preheated the oven to 350 degrees. 


Once the oven was ready and set, I added in my edible glitter for 8 minutes. 


Then, when the 8 minutes were complete, I removed my pan and set it aside to cool down. 


***Keep in mind, because of the heat, a bit of your glitter will clump together but nothing your hand can’t remove. 


It may actually be a fun and epic sensorial experience to remove them while playing. 


And, there you have it. You’ve made taste safe, edible glitter! 


I hope you enjoyed this fun edible glitter recipe. 


I have included an edible glitter recipe video on how we make ours and how we use them for learning through play kids activities! 


early learning edible glitter



Early learning ideas with edible glitter


  • Learn about colors

  • Use it with glue art

  • Use a colander to sprinkle it over an art piece

  • Make a sand art bottle

  • Make a sand tray for learning about letters and numbers

  • Create an epic image using edible glitter 


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Will you give this Edible Glitter using Sugar a try?


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