DIY Fish Sensory Bags for Babies, Toddlers, Preschool and for Kids


diy fish sensory bag sensory play for kids



Sensory bags are our thing! 😀


We just love them! 


Don’t you? 


It can be tailored and themed in whatever way you want it to be. 


Because it’s summer time here, we themed this one in a fish theme or ocean theme for kids. 


My girls love squishing them and learning through play with the sensory bags. 


I’ll be sharing below all it took to create this set of sensory bags (psst.. very easy). 


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These are the only ingredients you’ll need to set these simple set of sensory bags up. 




How do you make a homemade sensory bag? 


Setting up a homemade sensory bag is very easy. 


It isn’t very hard and it requires no skills really to learn how to create one. 


So, how do you make a ziplock sensory bag? 


Here are the steps I took to create these simple set of ocean themed sensory bags: 

  • Open up your zip lock bag. 

  • Then, insert foam fish shapes into your bag. 

  • In the second bag, add the fish stickers inside of the bag. 

  • Close them both up and add duct tape to keep it extra secure so that the water does not leak out. 

  • Your sensory bags are ready to go!

  • Play and learn with them and enjoy! 



DIY Fish Sensory Bag For Kids Video Below




What can I use as a sensory bag? 


You can use a zip lock bag like we did this time around. 


Another fun way to create a sensory bag is with a reusable storage bag


Here is our version of a sensory bag using a reusable storage bag. 



diy fish sensory bag for kids



How do you make sensory laminating pouches? 


How do you use a hair straightener to laminate? 


Oh! We’ve tried this before and we made them into fun shapes. 


Here is our version of creating sensory play using laminating pouches


So epic and a fun set of kids sensory toys with an early learning twist. 


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Sensory Bags for babies


These sensory bags will work for babies. 


Supervision is always required. 


I made the sensory bag with the stickers inside of it with a little less water too in case you wanted to start off with a less watered sensory bag. 


This can work as a fun set of easy fishing games for pushing onto and discovering the benefits of sensory play! 


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Not only will these DIY sensory bags work for babies, they will work for all children of different ages. 


Hey, I love squishing them around and I’m an adult! 😀


If you are in a school setting these sensory bags will work amazingly as an ocean theme for toddlers and preschoolers. 


It will also work for kindergarten and for kids in general as a fun calming activity for kids


I hope you try these easy DIY sensory bags out! 


Happy Learning and enjoy!


diy fish sensory bag


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