Easy Pipe Cleaner Magnetic Fishing Game 


easy pipe cleaner magnet fishing game



Pipe cleaners are such an awesome tool for early learning activities, for montessori diy style activities and more! 


They are such a versatile tool that can work for learning about colors, counting, creating with.. 


Because it is summer time at the moment, we made ours into fish! 


But, this activity doesn’t have to work only in the summer. It can work with a fish book you borrowed from the library, if you took a trip to the keys or just because you bought your first aquarium. 


It’s a wonderful activity that can be applied all year round. 


We just so happened to try this activity out in summer time because it’s summer time! 🙂 


I’ll be sharing below all it took to create this epic and easy activity and what I used to put this together so my girls can have a lot of fun learning through play! 


Related: Here is another fun ocean themed sensory bottle we made not too long ago that was also so much fun and can be applied to any ocean theme for kids! 





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And, these are just some of the items you will need for this simple indoor activity for kids


The main ones that I would say are imperative are the magnetic wands, the pipe cleaners and the bin. 🙂 



DIY Pipe Cleaner Magnetic Fishing Game Video below



Easy fishing games for toddlers and for kids 


Easy peasy is always so much fun and doesn’t it always turn out to be the kids activity that kids love and play with the most? 


Is it just me? 😀


So, here is how I set this indoor gem up for my girls: 


  • I added the pipe cleaner fish into two jars (you can use a bin if you don’t have jars)

  • Then, fill up the jar with water (about half way)

  • Use your magnet wands to move the pipe cleaner fish up and down. 

  • Talk about their colors and count them. 

  • Collect them and add them into a bowl. 

  • My girls added them into a plastic bin thereafter and they pretended they were fishing for them. 

  • It was fun and a super fun and easy indoor kids activity for them. 


P.S. The bubble wand is not needed. 


My oldest just saw it and thought it would be an epic idea to use to create bubbles. 


This was her brilliant idea and it was fantastic! Love you Soph :*


Sam and Soph had so much fun! :* :*



diy pipe cleaner magnetic fish game



How do you make a fish out of pipe cleaners? 


Fish are fairly easy to make out of pipe cleaners! 


One you are done reading this, you will have mastered how to put one together. 


Here are the steps to create a pipe cleaner fish: 


  • Fold a pipe cleaner in half. 

  • Do you believe that you are half way there? 😀 its true! 

  • The folded end is the mouth of the fish. 

  • Then, grab both ends and fold them over each other. 

  • You should have what looks like a fish already but the tail isn’t closed fully. 

  • Well, all you will have to do now is close the tail. 

  • Grab the open ends and turn them inward and twist them together. 

  • Voila! You’ve made a pipe cleaner fish. 




How do you make animals out of pipe cleaners? 


Much like a clown creating balloon animals, pipe cleaners can be used to create animals. 


We haven’t mastered how to create anything other than a basic fish but here are some fun pipe cleaner animals that I found by doing a simple search on how to make stuff with pipe cleaners (animals, in this case): 



These are just a few pipe cleaner crafts and pipe cleaner activities that can be done to create animals for a fun preschool theme for kids.


easy pipe cleaner magnetic fishing game

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