Winter Busy Book ‘Activity Binder’ for January 


Winter Preschool Activity Binder - Active Littles copy 2



I have been creating activity binders aka busy books since October and I love them!


It is currently January! 🙂


So far I have created:



And, now the winter activity binder is here! Yay!


***Note: If you are part of the preschool subscription, you get these each month as part of the subscription. Check it out here!


If you are familiar with TPT and Etsy, I have both and my printables are also available there. Just tap the one you would like to go to, to check it out! Don’t forget to follow me! 🙂



The Valentines Day activity binder ‘busy book’ is on its way too! I’ll include it here once it is complete: 🙂


I love creating busy book activities for my daughters. 


It’s probably one of my most favorite things to do. 


I also really enjoy hearing that you love our activity binders and my favorite is when you send me images of your littles learning with them!


Thank you! 🙂


Note: If you would like to receive a winter free printable, I’ve got one for you! ‘Press here’ and it’ll take you right there! 🙂 Thanks for being here! I appreciate it. 


quiet book for kindergarten




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How to put together and create velcro learning activities


Here are the steps I took to create our winter busy book:


  • Laminating the pieces is optional but I recommend it. 

  • Cut each of the pieces out once you have or have not laminated the pages

  • Add the sheets that do not need to be laminated into sheet protectors within your 3 ring binder

  • Then, you are ready to match the pieces into the busy book.

  • Learn through play with this quiet busy book!


I have also provided a video of how I put our busy book together for your viewing abilities. 🙂



Here is a video I made of our Winter Busy Book Printable. 



Learning folder printables quiet book ideas for toddlers and preschoolers


Here are some fun ideas you can try as a fun toddler activity binder game. 


Without even cutting the pieces you can point to the different colored mittens if you are showing this busy book to your toddler. 


You can also count from 1 to 5 and show them how each number looks. 


Visually seeing these activities will help them for future learning about what each basiic skill is about more in depth. 


busy book for toddlers



This is also a wonderful quiet book to take on the go, to a restaurant, on vacation or to just use as is right at home. 


Preschoolers can practice in a little bit more of an advanced strategy. 


They can do all toddlers work on and more. 


Your preschooler can match the different pieces and differentiate which goes where. 


He or she might even be able to count them while matching them. 


Preschoolers may know the alphabet song, so learning to trace the letter A or number 1 may be fun if you add a qtip or add pom poms to cover the letter’s and numbers. 


What other fun ways can you think of using this winter busy book activity binder?



busy book for kindergarten



Winter Quiet Book ideas for Kindergarten


5 and 6 year olds can practice all that toddlers and preschoolers practice and more. 


Here are some ideas with the mittens printable sheets:


  • Use the color mittens worksheet to write down each color on a sheet of paper. 

  • Print out double of the mitten sheets, cut them, turn them over and play a game of find the color matches.

  • Print, cut and lay out a different amount of mittens on the table. Count them and write out the number you counted. 

  • Do you own cube links? Use the b&w sheet of mittens and write a number on the mittens. Use cube links to attach how many numbers are on the mitten and build upwards. 



busy book binder



What other ways can you think of using these? So many fun improvisational ways other than creating a busy book


Get creative and have fun learning about the basic skills of early learning! 



Happy Learning!! 🙂




Will you give this Winter Activity Binder ‘Busy Book’ for January a try?


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Winter Preschool Activity Binder - Active Littles copy 2

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