70+ Winter Activities for Toddlers, Preshoolers and Kindergarteners


Winter Activities for Toddlers Preschool and Kindergarten



Can you believe it is the beginning of the year already?


As I am writing this, it is January 1st.


A new and fresh start of the year! 


I hope all you wish for and would like to achieve, that you do. 


And if you don’t, that’s okay too. 🙂


There’s always room for new ideas and moving forward with what’s the best thing for you and I. 🙂


I’ve compiled a grand list (as I always do for each of the seasons) to help you and I get a little work done around the house, create an epic dinner or just relax on your comfy couch while keeping your littles entertained, learning and having fun – winter themed of course! 🙂


The winter themed categories within this post are as follows: 


  • Winter Activities for Toddlers

  • Winter Activities for Preschoolers

  • Winter Activities for Kindergarten

  • Sensory Activities for Winter

  • Winter Arts and Crafts for Kids



Along with these amazing ideas by some fantastic bloggers I will also add a list of indoors/outdoors winter activity ideas you can try with your littles:


What to do with kids in winter? What are the activities in winter? 


If you find yourself asking these questions, here are some ideas: 


  • Build a snowman

  • Make Snow Angels in the snow

  • Winter Nature Treasure Hunt 

  • Catch Snowflakes with your mouth

  • Painting Snow with Dyed Water Ketchup Bottles

  • Painting Ice

  • Sledding in the snow

  • Build a snow fort

  • Write Letters in the snow with a nature stick



What can you do indoors in the winter?


  • Winter Sensory Bin 

  • Paper Snowflake Cutouts

  • Pom Pom Winter Tree Craft

  • Frozen Pom Poms Sensory Bottle

  • Build a Snowman Craft with Loose Parts

  • Make a snowglobe

  • Indoor obstacle course with taped floor

  • Snowflake art using glue and construction paper

  • Make faux snow (What is faux snow? How do you make fake snow? Tap here.) 



Looking for more indoor/outdoor activities you can try with your littles? Check out this post with over 280 play ideas




**I am creating a printable for my preschooler every other day and below is one of them for winter. To learn more about it after watching the video, click on shop at the top of this page. **




Do these questions look familiar? 

What do you do with toddlers in the winter?

How do I keep my toddler active in the winter? 

What can I do with my preschooler and kindergartener in the winter? 



I’ve got you covered! With over 70+ ideas in 5 different categories, for ages 1-6 by some fantastic bloggers you’ll be good to go! 



Let’s get into them, shall we? 🙂



Winter Activities for Toddlers   


Winter Activities for Toddlers



Snow Paint – Busy Toddler 


Winter Books for Kids – Teaching Mama


Snowflake Bracelets – Happily Ever Mom


Snowball Water Play – Fantastic Fun and Learning 


Snowy Winter Trees – My Bored Toddler


Snowman Pom Pom Drop – Happy Tot Shelf


Easy Colorful Paper Towel Snowflakes – Toddler Approved


A Snowy Winter Scene – Fun with Mama


Colouring the Snow for Tots – Happy Hooligans 


Paper Plate Snowman – The Simple Parent 


Handprint Snowman Gift Cards – Emma Owl


Winter Tree Craft – Fantastic Fun and Learning 


Build a Snowman Sensory Bag – Raising Dragons


Foot Print Snow Man – Emma Owl 


Freezing Bubbles in Winter – Little Bins for Little Hands 




Winter Activities for Preschool 


Winter Activities for Preschool



Fork Painted Snowflake – Happy Toddler Play Time


A Long Winter’s Nap Activity – Days with Grey


Snowball Counting Activity – Play Teach Repeat


Winter Bird Feeders – Fireflies and Mudpies


Winter Ice Jewels – Fireflies and Mudpies


Snowflake Crowns for Kids – Happily Ever Mom


Indoor Ice Skating – Play Teach Repeat 


Paper Snowflake Puzzle – How Wee Learn


Winter Mitten Craft for Preschoolers – House a Forest


Winter Small World Play – Little Pine Learners 


Winter Preschool Art – Kids Activities Blog


TP Stacking and Counting Snowman – Happy Tot Shelf


Snowy Day Alphabet Writing Tray – School Time Snippets 


Snowman Toss Game for Kids – Toddler Approved 


Colored Ice Cubes in the Snow for Preschool – Happy Hooligans 


Preschool Letter Hunt in Pretend Snow – Coffee Cups and Crayons


Snow Volcano – Raising Dragons


How to make Snow Ice Cream – Little Bins for Little Hands




Winter Activities for Kindergarten 


Winter Activities for Kindergarten


Polar Regions Kids Activities – Montessori from the Heart


Winter Science Experiments – Hello Wonderful 


Build and Igloo – Kids Craft Room


Painting the Snow – The Resourceful Mama


Snow Shovel Race – Housing a Forest 


Winter Mason Jar Lanterns – Mama Papa Bubba


Let’s Make Snowflakes – Kids Activities Blog


Marshmallow Sculptures with Hot Chocolate – B Inspired Mama


Frozen Snowstorm in a Jar – B Inspired Mama


Penguin Life Cycle Printables – Fun with Mama


Simple Polar Bear Origami – Red Ted Art


Newspaper Polar Bear – I Heart Crafty Things 


Easy Beaded Snowflakes – The Inspired Tree House




Sensory Activities for Winter  


Sensory Activities for Winter



Winter Sensory Bin – Busy Toddler 


Snowman Sticky Wall – Happy Toddler Play Time


Winter Counting Sensory Table – The Imagination Tree


Ice Sensory Play with Flower Confetti – Little Pine Learners


Winter Sensory Bin – Days with Grey


Sorting Arctic Animals Sensory Bin – Montessori from the Heart


Fluffy Snowman Slime – The Best Ideas for Kids


Winter Sensory Tray – The Chaos and the Clutter 


Winter Sensory Bin – Teaching Mama


Winter Wonderland Sensory Bin – The Chaos and the Clutter


Winter Playdough Invitation to Play – My Bored Toddler


Winter Nature Sensory Soup – Mama Papa Bubba 


Winter Nature Sensory Bin – Natural Beach Living


Melted Snowman Slime Recipe – Coffee Cups and Crayons


Winter Sensory Play – Teach Investigate Play 


Sparkly Snow Slime – Imagination Tree


Rainbow Snow Slime – Epic – Childhood






Winter Arts and Crafts for Kids  


Winter Arts and Crafts for Kids



Potato Masher Penguin – Happy Toddler Playtime


Waddling Penguin Winter Craft – Buggy and Buddy


Paper Plate Melting Snowman – Buggy and Buddy 


Winter Animal Handprints – The Best Ideas for Kids


Winter Squeejee Painting – Hello Wonderful 


Crayons Resist Winter Landscape – How Wee Learn


Winter Sugar Painting for Kids – Kids Craft Room


Egg Box Penguin Craft – Kids Craft Room


Snowman Pinch Pots – Red Ted Art


Snowman Snowglobe Craft – Coffee Cups and Crayons


6 sided Snowflake Paper Craft – Twitchetts


Salt Dough Snowman Art – Creative Family Fun 


DIY Winter Fairy Peg Dolls – Rhythms of Play 


Paper Plate Snowman Craft – Crafty Morning 

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