Water Table Activities for Toddlers and for Kids

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summer activities for kids using water tables


Is it summer yet? 


It sure feels like it is 😀


It’s sort of like a mix between spring and summer right now and I am loving it! 


There is rain some days and the sun is beaming on other days. 


But, what a fun set of seasons to be in between spring/summer, am I right? 😀


So, we decided to bring out the water tables and enjoy a bit of outdoor play activities with them! 


We’ve been through our fair share of water tables and water toys and I’ll be sharing our favorites in another post! 😀


But, this time around I’ll be sharing these two water tables we love and used on this day! 


The cool thing about these is that they can be used not only for water but you can definitely use them as a set of DIY water tables. 


You can use these as a sand and water table, a rice sensory table, and any table activities you can think of that is kid-friendly, really! 😀


On this particular day I made them water tables with a bit of a spring turtle sensory bin and learning activity sensory bin in the mix! 


I’ll be sharing below how I went about it! 🙂


Note: Are you looking for an easy peasy water activity you can probably try right now? Check out this post here. 



water table activities for toddlers and for kids



Toddler Water Table Ideas


I used two water tables this time around. 




Both of these are a perfect set of water tables for toddlers. 


The Step 2 Water Table is filled with water. 


I thought in the beginning, it was a hose that sprayed upward to create rainforest showers but it is not so. 


The creation of rainforest showers with this water table is when water collected in one of their bucket toys is added to the green trees at the top. 


The holes on the top of this green tree allow for water to spruce downward and create this epic shower effect which is so cool! 


My girls love this! 


The water then goes downward into the kid-friendly engineered gadgets on the side which create this stream of water that eventually falls into the water table. 


How cool is that? 


You can of course improvise with this water table and add pom poms, your child’s favorite toys, learning toys, foam letters and more to create a fun theme! 


This is a perfect toddler water bin and the height is amazing! 



water table activities for toddlers and for kids this summer



Preschool Water Table Ideas


In our Ikea Water Table for Sensory Play, I included two Ikea bins. 


One incorporated our frog toy figurines four counting and collecting. 


The other included blue shape buttons and our Learning Resources cube links for learning fun! 


This water table is sturdy and awesome for holding water. 


I have even heard moms who have sealed the wood before so that water doesn’t ruin the wood. 


I may try this but for now I’m a bit risky and make sure to clean the water dry right after they are done enjoying their water play activities! 


This water table activity was meant for sensory play and for a fun set of educational games for preschoolers! 


I hope you enjoyed this post and I can’t wait to share some of our favorite water table ideas and water table activities with you. 


I’ll make sure to link it here once it is complete.


summer outdoor activities for kids

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