Water Bead Calming Sensory Bottles

Calming Water Bead Sensory bottle



Sensory bottlessensory bagssensory play is all the rage and so much fun! 


I love creating sensory bottles for my girls to play and learn with.


This one has to be top 5 of my favorite ones I’ve ever created for them. 


They love the rainbow sensory bottle we made a while back, but this one is just really cool too! 


sensory bottles


The circles within them absorbed even more in the last couple hours of making it and they look like the globs you see in a lava lamp. 


Not that big! But tiny ones moving around in slow motion! 


Isn’t that neat?


It includes one very special ingredient you probably have at home right now! 


I’m sharing how we made ours, so keep on reading if you want to learn how to make one too! 


If you are looking for a toy room supplies and storage list which includes water beads, I have a massive list here! Enjoy!


sensory bottles for kids water beads




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water beads diy sensory bottle



How to make a water beads sensory bottle


Here’s how to put your sensory bottle’s together: 


  • Open your craft bottle.hair gel sensory bottle

  • Set aside. 

  • Then, add in a 1:7 ratio of hair gel to water. sensory bottle with hair gel

  • Stir the hair gel/water with a spoon until they are completely mixed together. sensory bottles for preschool

  • Then, use a funnel to add your mixed water into a craft bottle.sensory bottle for toddlers

  • Add in your water beads one by one.calming bottle for toddler

  • Close the craft bottle. Use a hot glue gun to keep it extra secure. water beads sensory bottles for kids

  • Watch the magic happen. The water beads flow around and are calming to watch. holiday sensory bottle



How do you calm down sensory bottles?


You may be asking yourself, “What is a calm down bottle?” or “How does the sensory bottle calming effect work?”


Did you guess what the special ingredient in this sensory bottle was? 


That’s right!


Hair gel. 


When you use hair gel within your sensory bottle is slows down the water beads within it!


You can try a sensory bottle with glue to slow things down such as this one we made not too long ago. 


Glue works well and acts just as well as hair gel does. 


So, if you’re asking yourself this question, “ How do you calm down a glitter jar?”, here are two options in case you don’t have one or the other! 🙂


sensory bottle diy



How do you make a sensory baby oil bottle? 


I have a post on how to make a sensory bottle using baby oil


It’s very easy to make and this one includes water beads too! 


Check it out here


calming sensory bottle



What do you put in a sensory bottle?


That’s a great question. 


There are lots of different items you can place inside a sensory bottle!


I have a post on over 101 sensory play ideas


You can check it out here


I hope you enjoyed this calming sensory bottle post and try it out too! 


If you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments below.



Will you give these Water Bead Calming Sensory Bottles a try?


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Calming Water Bead Sensory bottle

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