Washing Pumpkins Sensory Bin for Toddlers and Preschoolers

washing pumpkins sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers

This kids activity has to be one of the simplest setups you can put together for your little ones. It only includes 3 ingredients for a fun splishy splashy time. 


When I think of sensory bins, I don’t just think of rice in a bin (I used to though) but there are so many different types of bins you can create for your littles. 


One of them is this easy bin which includes just – soap and water. 


Easy peasy, right? 


When you create a soapy solution, add in your pumpkins and some new scrubbing tools! 


My girls have a blast when they scrub their pumpkins. They like to call it washing their pumpkins so that they are squeaky clean! 


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I added about ¼ of water to a bin. I then added around 1 tbs of dish soap (depending on the size of your bin, you can add more or less). 


Mix the dish soap and water together. I just used my hand to mix and inturn create those amazing little bubbles. 

washing pumpkins for preschoolers and toddlers

If you’d like to add an extra step, you can use food coloring to color the water to make for an extra festive sensory bin. 


We chose not to this time and it worked great! My girls then added their small pumpkins in the bin and started washing them.


They used these wipes to wash them extra well. They really enjoyed the bin while having a wonderful sensory experience interchangeably. 


Halloween Activities for Toddlers 

This is a wonderful activity for a toddler. It is montessori inspired and a great way for toddlers to learn about the water and the color of the pumpkin.


There is so much to learn when introducing this setup to a toddler. The sensorial benefits are also very beneficial. 


My 2 year old dipped her hand in the water and was amazed at the soap in the water. She giggled as the bubbles would move around the bin. 


Then, I handed her a wipe for a fun washing activity. She really enjoyed hearing the noises of the water splashing as she would wipe the pumpkin. 


“This pumpkin is the color orange” and “This is water and look at all those bubbles”, I would say to her as we played and learned at the same time. 


By just looking and learning how she learns in her own way is just a magical experience in and of itself. We both enjoyed it together! 


Halloween Activities for Pre-School 

Preschoolers will have a great time too! Water play is top 5 in our home and it’s for a very good reason. 


The sensory play involved of hearing the water drip, watching the bubbles form colors and the scrubbing of the pumpkins all stimulate the senses. 


Stimulation of the senses allows for the child to engage and learn at the same time. This is very beneficial while being fun for them. 


Both my girls will play for 1 hour without moving from the bin because it’s fun, engaging and it stimulates their senses! 


With a preschooler you can try calling out the colors or counting the pumpkins. 


What other fun play ideas and learning experiences can you think of while washing the pumpkins in the pumpkin station? 


Will you give this Washing Pumpkins Halloween Activity a try? 

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washing pumpkins sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers

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