Valentines Day Skittles and Magic Milk Science Experiment for Kids


skittles and magic milk experiment for kids



Have you ever tried the magic milk experiment for kids


What about the Skittles Science Experiment?


Have you ever tried these two science experiments together as a 2 in 1? 


Well, we did! 


And it sure was fun!


If you’d like to see all we used, to put this epic stem activity for kids together – themed for Valentines Day, I’ll be sharing it all below. 



Note: If you’d like to see how we make our magic milk science experiment, definitely check out this post right here





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What are some simple science experiments? 


What is an easy science project


The two I have tried and highly recommend because they are so simple to set up and easy to make are:





What science experiments can I do at home?


The two stem activities for kids mentioned above are one’s I recommend to try at home or in a school setting because they are simple and easy to set up! 




How does the magic milk experiment work? 


The milk contains fat and proteins. Because of this reason, when dish soap is inserted into the milk, the dish soap molecules attach themselves to the molecules of the milk which in turn causes this reaction.


When you add food coloring, you can see the process take place right before your eyes. 




How do you make a milk rainbow experiment?


A magic milk rainbow can be made by adding drops of a variety of colors of food coloring along the perimeter of a circular plate. 


You can check out this post right here to see how we made ours! 🙂




How do you do the skittles experiment?


Here are the steps on how to make a skittles science experiment


  • Add skittles around the perimeter of a circular plate. 

  • Then pour water to about halfway of the skittles. 

  • Watch the magic unfold as the skittles magically change colors as they move towards the center of the plate. 


We’ve done the skittles science experiment before – Halloween Skittles Stem Activity if you would like to check it out!




What are some science projects for kids?


This year we tried it as a fun Valentines Themed Activity! 


And we made it a 2 in 1 by adding the magic milk experiment to it as well! 





How did you make a 2 in 1 science experiment incorporating Magic Milk and the Skittles Experiment? 


Here are the steps I took to put this stem activity for kids together: 


  • Lay an empty plate on the table. 

  • Align skittles of a variety of colors around the perimeter of the plate. 

  • Then add your cookie cutter to the center. 

  • Making sure you have your food coloring, milk, dish soap, qtip and water all right beside you, this next step should be done one right after the other in a quick manner.

  • Add your milk to the center and pour your water around the outer cookie cutter in between the skittles and cookie cutter. 

  • Add your food coloring droplets to the milk in the center of the cookie cutter. 

  • Swirl your qtip into the dish soap and add it to your magic milk. 

  • Remove the cookie cutter once the water from the skittles have created a rainbow close to the cookie cutter.

  • Watch the magic unfold with this 2-1 science experiment. 


I hope you enjoy making these easy science experiments for preschoolers and for kids at home! 


Have fun!


skittles and magic milk experiment for kids

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