Valentines Day Sensory Play Kids Activity 


valentines sensory play ideas


Oh Sensory play, sensory play, how my girls and I love thee! 


Seriously, sensory play is top 5 in this home. 


It is filled with a ton of benefits, early learning basic skills and a ton of ways you can go about setting one up! 


You can set a sensory play set up to be: 



I can go on and on 🙂 


It’s such a lovely play idea! 


For this particular sensory activity, I made a heart cardboard cutout, montessori style, themed for Valentines Day! 


And, I’ll be sharing the materials I used and how easy it is to make below! 🙂



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Valentines Sensory Play DIY Video




Valentines Day Sensory Activities Ideas


One sensory activity we try over and over again throughout different seasons is this one. 


I will add a sensory bag in between two cardboard pieces with the theme of that current season. 


Check out the cardboord sensory activities we have made so far:



And now this one: Heart Cardboard Sensory Activity! 🙂 


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My 4 year old and 6 year old enjoyed this sensory activity so much


But this activity isn’t only for 4 and 6 year olds. 


Because the beads are contained, this can easily work as baby play! 



sensory play for valentines day


Baby play activities such as this one come with so many benefits:


  •  Helps in the building of nerve connections within the brain

  • Encourages the development of motor skills 

  • Calming and Relaxing

  • Supports language development

  • Cognitive growth

  • Stimulates the senses 


To name a few 🙂 



So, how did we make this cardboard sensory play idea? 


Here are the steps:


  • Cut equal pieces of cardboard 

  • With one cardboard piece create a heart and use a craft knife to cut it out.

  • Set the 2 cardboard pieces aside. 

  • Open your zip loc bag.

  • Insert the water beads (not too much so they can easily move around within the cardboard heart cutout)

  • Close the bag removing any air from inside. If you’d like to double bag, you can do so as well. 

  • Then add your zip loc bag with water beads onto the uncut cardboard piece. 

  • Tape it on all 4 sides making sure the zip loc bag is contained. 

  • Then, add tape to the bottom side of the cardboard heart cutout. 

  • Add glue around the edges that do not touch the plastic. 

  • Place your cardboard pieces together making sure the water beads are within the cardboard heart cutout. 

  • And, you’ve created a fun sensory play DIY!



water bead sensory activity


What do you do with your kids on Valentines Day? 


You can try many fun things with your kids on Valentines Day! 


This heart sensory play idea is one fun activity you can try with your children. 


If you used colorful beads, you can call out the different colors with your little one! 


If you added less beads, see if you can move some over to one side and the others to the opposite side. 


Add and subtract these! 


I love that this DIY sensory play idea can be tailored to a differentiated set of ages! 


What other fun educational and play to learn ideas can you think of trying with this fun sensory diy for kids? 


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valentines day sensory play

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