Valentines Day Free Printables

Valentines Day ABC Match Printable


Are you looking for a free Valentines Printables


This page will be full of them over the next coming years.


For now, I am sharing with you one of our freebie Valentine’s Day ABC match printables you can try at home – right now! 


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Looking for printables for preschool and kindergarten


I am creating a printable for my preschooler every other day and I am sharing them with you!


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How to put together your free printable


Once I have printed my printable, I will usually laminate the sheets.


I do this, to help maintain my printable. 


Once all the sheets have been fully laminated, I will go ahead and cut each of the letter hearts. 


And once this is complete, you are ready to play and learn! 


Note: If you’d like to leave the sheets as is, I totally recommend this too! 


It’s great to insert the pages with sheet protectors into a 3 ring binder for an on the go approach. 


You can point at the letters while singing the ABC song. 


You can also turn this into a matching busy book


Leave the uppercase letters in the sheet protectors or vice versa.


Then cut and laminate (optional) the lowercase letters to match to the correct uppercase letters in the busy book. 🙂



Free printable Valentine Activities you can try at home… 


These letter hearts are the cutest! 


Here are 3 ways you can about playing with them:

  • Turn them over and seek and match for a pair

  • Hide them in your childs play area and see if they can match the uppercase/uppercase and the lowercase with the lowercase ones. Or just use one or the other for a less advanced approach. 

  • Add them into a sensory bin and pull them out to create words. Then, write them on a sheet of paper. 



Valentines worksheets are coming your way.. 


Here are a few free printables that are themed for winter which are perfect for this time of year:



If you love busy books, consider checking out our busy books for this time of year: 


And, if you’re ready for it, here is our most popular sellers:


I hope you enjoy this fun ABC match freebie!


What other fun ways can you think of using these for play to learn activities? 



Valentines Day ABC Match Printable

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