Valentines Activities for Toddlers and Preschool 

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valentines day ideas for toddlers and preschool




I love setting up little activities themed for Valentines Day!


It’s the sweetest watching my littles play and learn while using little hearts and the color red/pink



What to do with kids on Valentines? 


I grabbed this question from the internet and Im here to help you! 


This list will get bigger as time goes on with a list of all the fun activities you can try with your toddler and preschooler. I can’t wait! 🙂




So, for now, what can you do with kids on Valentines Day?


There are so many ideas – simple ones, indoor/outdoor Valentines Day activities, learning activities for Valentine’s Day… 


Here are some we have tried this Valentines Day:





How do you make a heart coffee filter?


Here are the steps to a coffee filter heart:


  • First, cut the coffee filters into the shape of a heart.

  • Use markers to make fun little doodles and swirls onto the heart coffee filters. 

  • Then, drip a bit of water by using a spray bottle or a dropper filled with water. 

  • Watch as the colors magically come together. 

  • Let the heart coffee filters dry. 

  • Once they are dry they’re ready to go! Keep them as a treasured keepsake!


We have yet to try this but are planning to make one this week! 




Is Valentines Day for Kids?


It sure can be! 


We love making fun activities with hearts and themed paint and colored crayons. 


Valentines Day can be about the love you have for your parents, siblings and caregivers. 🙂




What should I give my toddler for Valentines Day?


What do you get a 3 year old for Valentines Day? A fun activity together can be just as fun as gifting your toddler something. 🙂


You can create a fun sensory bin to play together with, or set up a fun pink and red colored project with her toys! 


For example, set out a pink and red construction paper on a table. 


Then add pink/red dot stickers to some of her toys and have her match them to the correct colored construction paper


valentineas day activity for kids




What is Valentines Day for preschoolers?


If you are interested in learning about fun preschool activities you can try on Valentines Day, here is a list of over 70 activities and crafts


They are categorized and one of the categories is for preschool! 


Hope it helps and that you find a handful of Valentines Day Ideas for your preschooler! 🙂




What are cute ideas for Valentines Day?


Here are a few we have been really enjoying this Valentines: 




Vday Line Up Activity


This can be easily altered to contain your child’s toys in a fun lineup. 


An example of this is to line up all your child’s dinosaur toys, fairy toys, toys by color….


I happened to have these foam hearts we picked up at the dollar store. 


Some were bigger than others and there were different colored ones too. 


So, my 4 year old lined them up by color and size.


Easy peasy activity, educational and so much fun!




VDAY Heart Stamping using makeup sponges


Whoa! Makeup sponges Tam? 




The ones that look like hearts? 


You know which ones Im talking about! 


This was an awesome activity and my 4 year old loved it! 


You can add different colored paints to turn it into a fun, educational activity about learning colors. 


You can count them as well! 


For a more advanced approach, add and subtract from one sheet of paper to another. 



valentines day sensory bag for kids



Simple Valentine’s Day Sensory Bag


Have you ever made a sensory bag


This particular one I made for my girls has little hearts within it and colorful bears from Learning Resources.


Preschool Valentine Ideas? I added in these colorful bears for a fun educational counting game of learning colors and counting the bears. 


This particular sensory bag felt exactly as it feels to touch a water bed. 


I made sure to double bag it. And this bag is not for stepping on. 


So, if you are asking yourself these questions:


  • How do I spend Valentines Day with my family?

  • Is Valentines Day for family? 

  • What do you do with your kids on Valentines Day?


.. I hope these ideas are super helpful to try with your littles on Valentines Day!



valentines day activities for toddlers and preschool

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