Thanksgiving Alphabet Match Printable


Thanksgiving Alphabet Match



Is your 3 year old or 4 year old learning about the alphabet?


I’ve created a little printable – Thanksgiving themed, for some learning fun!


This printable covers uppercase, lowercase, and picture image first letter word for your child to practice their letters!


I’ve included a fall themed color version along with a b&w version. 


Have you checked out our Preschool Learning Activity Binder? It includes alphabet sheets as well! 


If you are looking for toy gift ideas for your children this holiday season, I’ve compiled a list for 1 year olds, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners! Here is the preschool toy gift guide list!



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How to set up your alphabet placemats printable: 

Once you have downloaded and printed out your printable, you’re ready to put it together! 


This printable does not need any prep at all! It is an alphabet placemat.


You can insert it into a dry erase pocket for some on the go learning fun. 


If you’d like to laminate it, you can do this too! 


Laminating your printable helps maintain it for a very long time. 


Choosing not to laminate your printable, will work just fine! 


Use letter magnets to match with the letters on the alphabet placemat. 


You can also use learning chips or pom poms to mark which letters your child sounded out. 


If you use a dry erase pocket, trace the letters and erase them with a tissue paper thereafter.


Use it over and over again if you choose this method. 


What other ways can you think of using these alphabet placemats? 



Learning through play with the Alphabet Placemats printable for Preschool


Play to learn activities are amazing! It’s how I taught my oldest how to read. 


These placemats are part of it all and so fun in learning about the abc’s. 


Your preschooler can use letter magnets and pom poms as mentioned above. 


They can also practice their fine motor skills by cutting on the lines of the printable. 


Call out the ones they cut out so you can practice together about the different letter sounds. 


You can also add the letters into a sensory bin! This works great if you laminate them but it is not needed. 


Use a fun sensory filler that will create a hayride, leaves or fall inspired small world play for some added fun! 


What other ways can you think of using these Thanksgiving Alphabet Placemats with your preschooler? 



This alphabet printable isn’t just for preschoolers…


That’s right! 


Your kindergartener can use them too! 


Here are some examples:


  • Create words with learning chips. Mark them on the placemat to create a simple word (one with no double letters in them, preferably.) 🙂


-Examples: Cat, Mat, Rat … 


  • You kindergartener will probably love singing along to the abc song while they point to the letters. 


  • Shout the letter sounds after you sing the alphabet song. 

  • Use a dry erase pocket for some fun letter tracing


-As mentioned above, you can use a dry erase pocket for some fun pre writing skills. 


What other ways can you think of using these placemats with your kindergartener? 



Will you give this Thanksgiving Alphabet Match Printable a try?


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Thanksgiving Alphabet Match

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