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I made this busy book with the idea to use a photo album within it.


It is a fun way to keep and store your color printouts printable!


I am using a 4×6 photo album pack with 3 pockets within it. 



color games printable



The printable pages are set to automatically fit within them. 


But, it is not necessary to use a photo album either. 


I’ll share below other ways you can choose to use this Preschool colors printable busy book to store and use for learning through play activities!


So, let’s get into it, shall we? 🙂


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And, you are good to go!



learning about colors



How to put together your printable color busy book binder


There are a variety of ways you can choose to put together your busy book:


  • You can just use them as is and use them as flashcards to match the correct color pieces with. 


  • You can choose to laminate them and use the empty box to match the correct color item to. 



  • Another fun method is to use sheet protectors and cut the pieces for easy matching with adhesive dots which is another great on the go approach. 



However you decide to use this printable is up to you and I hope you have fun learning with it!



***Keep in mind: If you choose to use the same method I used with cutting each piece and inserting them into a 4×6 photo album, it will be a little more work and you will end up with a white blank sheet from each page. 



My daughter is constantly using my printer paper so what she loved was that I would collect these little white sheets and give them to her so she can color on them! 🙂


As I was putting this together she would show me her beautiful drawings that she created on these extra pages and I would peek and see how she stored them all nice and neat in the container we have on the table. 


She would come by and ask if I had any more because she was happy to collect and use them for later. 


So, don’t throw those away but instead use them for little coloring pages or for little notes! 🙂


I have provided a video on how we made ours using 4×6 photo album covers for your viewing reference. 




Teaching Colors Busy Book Video:




Teaching a toddler colors..


These pictures of colors for kids work well for a differentiated set of ages. 


You can choose to use these for teaching colors to toddlers by pointing at the different images and colors. 


Describe the color they are seeing compared to other colors. 


And describe the images they are seeing. 


Say things like, “This is a white snowman”, or “This is a red apple”.


You can easily use the last few pages with/without cutting them to point at the different color items. 


Do you have colorful toys your toddler loves to play with?


Use these colorful toys to match with the correct colored flashcard. 🙂


colors printable worksheets



Preschool Color Worksheets 


These will also work well for preschoolers and kindergarteners. 


We will go over how you can use these for teaching preschool colors right now.


Whether you are a preschool mom or a preschool educator, you can use these in a variety of ways.


One set of cards includes the color of the image and one set includes the name of the image. 


You can match these two side by side and show that the snowman is white and that it is a snowman. 


So, the first card will say and show, “White” and the second card right next to it will show “snowman”.

White snowman.


These are the beginning stages of putting words together and pre creating a sentence. 


They aren’t writing it quite yet, but they are visually seeing the future approach to teaching english and learning to read.


Another fun way to use these with your preschooler is to match the images. 


So, they can match the white snowman with the white snowman and so on and so forth. 


I have provided a crayon color and you can choose to match these with their pair to learn about colors. 


If you have little colorful toys, you can also match them to the flashcards for an easy matching game. 


Use crayons to match with the correct colors on the flashcards.


Place them in a sensory bin for a fun color seek and find game.


teaching colors for toddlers



Teaching Colors for Kindergarten


Kindergarteners can learn all a toddler and preschooler is learning and more. 


Your kindergartener can practice writing out the words. 


So, in the example of the white snowman for preschoolers. 


They can write out white snowman on a sheet of paper. 


They can also trace the color words with a dry erase marker, pencil, qtip…


color worksheets


These are all approaches to teaching english.


Remember that turn all of the flashcards over and play a game of find the match. 


If you don’t find a match then turn them all over again until you find a match. 


This is a great way to learn colors while playing a game and having fun! 🙂


What other fun color activities for kindergarten can you think of trying with this colored paper printable?


I hope you enjoy this colors printable worksheets printable as much as my girls do! 


Please share with me the activities you try with our colors busy book printable for kids! 🙂


Happy Learning!


Will you give this Teaching Colors Busy Book for Kids a try?


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Teaching Colors Printable - Active Littles

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