These Summer Word Search Matching Cards are so much fun! They are perfect for little learners while adding a pinch of fun into the mix this summer. We have been having so much fun with our Summer Fun Alphabet Match Activity that I decided to create this Summer Word Search. 

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Summer Secret Codes Word Search Activity 


A really fun activity both my girls love to complete together are word search activities. Its makes learning fun and there are sure to be giggles. I added a Summer theme to this fantastic activity as its so fun! 


This activity is a perfect indoor activity while your kids are home from school this summer. Add these next to the classic board game shelf to pull out for later as it’s sure to be just that – a really fun game. I plan to make these editable and create a new set of sight word games in the future so you can use them with any words you can think of or that your child is currently learning, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you’ll be the first to know!


They are perfect for kids who are in kindergarten and the early ‘school aged’ years. However, I’m an adult and find these to be entertaining still. I am sure older kids would love this too!

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Summer Word Search Printable for Kids


These are great to use with magnet letters, foam letters, or any manipulative you feel comfortable with that letters can be sharpied on. You can cut them and create cards or insert the pages in a Pocket Pouch to maintain it for future use. 


Laminating them is also a good way to protect and maintain them! 


If you plan on traveling this summer, these are great to take on the go. Car ride for a really long time? These are perfect for trips to a restaurant or on vacation in general. Enjoy! 


How to Use these Word Search Activity Cards


Use this Word Search game to call out letters and their letter name.


You can also use them to articulate letter sounds and eventually the word name. The possibilities are endless!


What other ideas can you think of while using this Word Search Game? Definitely, leave me a comment down below so I can try your suggestion too! 

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How to set up the Summer Word Search Printable

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Your child will search for the letters to make up the word by using magnetic letters, foam letters… You may choose to laminate these to use with a dry erase marker if manipulatives cannot be provided. If you choose to use Dry Erase Pockets, a dry erase marker would work as well and these will help preserve this activity to be used over and over again – which is a plus! 


Your kids are going to have so much fun this summer with this fun learning game!

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