This Summer Alphabet Match game is a fun, engaging and effective hands-on activity that helps your child learn the alphabet, its letter sounds and matching. I added a summer theme to it so that it’s perfect for this summer. 

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Summer Alphabet Match Activity

My girls and I are really liking the summer freebie –  early learning colors/math, so I wanted to create something that would add their abc’s into the mix while still providing a cute summer theme! 


So, I created these place mats, so they can learn about the alphabet and their letter sounds. 

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My 6 year old is enjoying these very much! She loves matching the magnet letters to the correct letter while shouting their letter sounds. Great learning practice! 


Her little sister sits by her and is absorbing it all too! Both love the colors the magnet letters bring to the place mats and the overall learning experience of learning while playing!


These ABC Place Mats require no prep at all. You just print them and play! You can laminate them to preserve them for future use – amazing! Another option is to use Dry Erase pockets. These are great for easy learning and fun practice while preserving the page as well!



How to use this Summer Alphabet Activity for Different Ages


I have provided place mats with uppercase, lowercase, and letter matching images. There is a colored version and a black and white version for your convenience. The wonderful part about these place mats is that they can be used for different ages. If your child/student is learning about the uppercase letters at the moment, you can use this placemat. If your child/student is learning lowercase letters only, you can use that placemat!


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Another fun way to use these for older children/students is to have them spell their name. You can add counting by asking them, “How many A’s were in that word?” Letter sounds is also a great option for learning how to sound out each letter! These place mats are great for learning letter names, sounds and so much more!


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My 3 year old is very much into cutting right now. She wants to cut every paper she sees. If your child loves cutting paper like mine, you can have him/her cut through the lines and practice their cutting skills as you call out each letter/letter sound/letter name. This is wonderful fine motor practice while learning at the same time!


You can also play a game of matching by cutting out each of the squares on all three of the place mats. Once all are cut into little squares, you can match the uppercase, lowercase and images and piling them up as you go! 


There are certainly many different ways you can go about using these mats. Tell me, what way do you think of using these for your child/student? 


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Materials for Setting up the Summer Activity

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The Dry Erase Pockets are a great alternative to laminating as they provide durability and preserve them for easy future use. 


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