Include this summer counting mats activity for early learning while your children are at home in the summer-time. These mats are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. They are versatile and a perfect hands-on activity that is fun, engaging and effective in learning numbers and counting! We have been loving the Summer Alphabet Match Printable and Summer Secret Word Search Printable so much, that I decided to create these Summer Counting Mats. 

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Summertime Counting Mats


Are you looking for an easy and fun approach to learning about numbers and counting this summer? Children will learn about:


  • Numbers

  • Counting

  • Number Recognition

  • Number Placement

  • Number Sense 

  • Skip Counting 

  • Odd/Even Numbers 

The list goes on… What other math ideas can you come up with? I’d love to learn from your ideas so we can try them out!


If these learning ideas and benefits pertain to you, then this is perfect for you! 

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This math printable requires no prep on your end. Print it and you’re good to go! If you’d like to maintain the pages for future use, you can laminate them or use Dry Erase Pockets. These are totally optional and a good way to store them for later use. 


I included 3 versions for your convenience:


  • Black and White

  • Rainbow

  • Summer Colors 

Within these 3 versions are 4 types which include:

  • Numbers 1-10

  • Numbers 11-20

  • Mixed up Numbers 1-10

  • Mixed up Numbers 11-20

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Summer Math Counting Mats for Different Ages 


These mats can be used to meet the needs of each child/student. If your child is still in the early learning stages of 1-10, they can use that sheet only. Other children who are practicing numbers higher than 10 can use both sheets 1-10 and 11-20.

These mats are perfect for learning how to skip count. You can also learn even numbers and odd numbers with these as well. 

If you’d like to apply some fine motor practice with these, look no further than adding kid tweezers or magnet wands if your adding these under sensory bag. 

The manipulatives we like to use with these are mini erasers, foam dice cubes for stacking, or circle counters. The foam cubes and circle counters can be written on. This allows for less stacking and a clear result. A great alternative to these are foam numbers and magnet numbers

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The cool thing about legos is that they contain holes. These are perfect for counting and stacking. Your child/student can use legos to stack, count and match to the corresponding number. How neat is that!

You can also try adding these into Dry Erase Pockets and your child/student will use a dry erase marker to add domino like dots or trace the numbers to match with the correct counting mat.

All of these options are great! My girls love to stack manipulatives and create “towers”. Stacking allows for fine motor practice which is a plus!

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How to Setup the Summer Counting Mats:

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Print the Summer Counting Mats download. Pop them into a dry erase pocket. You can laminate these if you’d like. I like to laminate them as they preserve and maintain them longer.


Your child/student will match the correct number on the mat with the correct amount of manipulatives. 


These summer counting mats are perfect for children who are at home for the summer and want to practice math while playing. Learning can definitely be fun. I hope your children enjoy these as much as mine do!

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