80+ Summer Activities for Toddlers and For Kids + Summer Bucket List


summer activities for toddlers and for kids



It’s summer time! 🙂 


Which means awesome ideas for summer activities, Summer Art activities and more! 


I love summer time, don’t you? 


Warm sunny days, the beach and some fun outdoor play loaded with snacks for summer time all constitute for an awesome day! 


Here is a list of our previous month activities: 



And now it’s summer time!! .. Here are over 70 Summer Activities for Kids you can try with your littles! 


Note: Don’t forget to check out spring games for preschoolers and Spring Activities for Kids as some of those activities will still work throughout summer time as well! 😀




Kids activities for summer


As always I’ve added each of the summer crafts and activities into groups. 


Here are the kid activities for summer…


I’ve categorized them as follows: 


  • Summer Activities for Toddlers

  • Summer Activities for Preschoolers

  • Summer Activities for Kindergarten

  • Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

  • Summer Sensory Activities for Kids

  • Summer Crafts for Kids


As always I try to keep the categories relevant and helpful so that you can easily find what you are looking for. 🙂 


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Activities to do in summer


Growing up I super enjoyed the summer season… 


It was always so fun to go outside and enjoy kid activities for summer. 


Whether it was a simple art and craft I did outdoors or running through the summer breeze and collecting seashells at the beach. 


You can incorporate some of these ideas into large group activities for preschoolers, toddlers and for kids! 


I’ve also included a bit of preschool art ideas that can be super helpful along with sensory ideas you can try! 


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Summer also includes fun summer camp activities for kids. 


Here is a fun sensory summer camp idea we tried last year that was loads of fun! 


Let’s get into the Summer activities for kids, shall we? 



summer activities for toddlers



Summer Activities for Toddlers


Looking for summer activities for toddlers? You’re in the right place! Check out these toddler summer activities 🙂 



Duck and Frog Pond Sensory Bin – Active Littles


Ice Smash Easy Summer Activity – Busy Toddler


Fishing for Numbers – Buggy and Buddy


Pool Noodle Threading – Play Teach Repeat 


Alphabet Soup – Raising Dragons


Nature Soup – Happily Ever Mom


Summer Fun with Plastic Balls – Engaging Littles


Pool Noodle Pour Station – Raising Dragons


Ice Bowling – Learn Play Imagine


Homemade Bubbles – Playground Park Bench 


Flower Sensory Bin – Twitchetts 


Summer Snowball Fight – Fireflies and Mud Pies


Bubble Wrap Starfish – No Time for Flashcards



summer activities for preschoolers



Summer Activities for Preschool 



Here are summer themes for preschool and summer activities you can try with your preschooler! 



Summer Counting Mats – Active Littles


Garden Sensory Play – Active Littles


Ocean and Beach Pretend Play – Fun at Home with Kids


Beach Ball ABC – Raising Dragons


STEAM Pool Noodle Play – Little Bins for Little Hands


Ice Cream Playdough Tray – Engaging Littles


Summer Unicorn Craft – Little Pine Learners


Colors and Counting Ice Cream Activity – Happy Tot Shelf


Ice Cream Kit – Mama Papa Bubba 


Beach Inspired Nature Study – Montessori from the Heart


Color Mixing Activity – No Time for Flashcards


Car Truck Park in a Garage – How Wee Learn


Calming Lavender Scented Bubbles – The Chaos and the Clutter


Squirt Gun Painting – Fireflies and Mud Pies



summer activities for kindergarten


Summer Activities for Kindergarten 



Looking for kindergarten activities? These are epic and so much fun! 



Summer Word Search Activity – Active Littles


Alphabet Stone Activity – Little Pine Learners 


Paper Mache Summer Fruit Bowls – Red Ted Art


Summer Lego Projects – Frugal Fun 4 Boys 


Summer Journal for Kids – Playdough to Plato 


Playdough Shells Fossil Activity – Messy Little Monster


Summer themed unit study – Montessori from the Heart 


Summer Writing Prompts – 123 Homeschool 4 Me


Summer Long E Puzzle – Playdough to Plato


Summer Fun Jar – Coffee Cups and Crayons 


Clay Boat Craft – Messy Little Monster


Floating Soap Boats – Fireflies and Mud Pies


Summer Scented Playdough Recipe – Frugal Fun 4 Boys


Planet Earth Big World Play – Happy Toddler Playtime



summer outdoor activities for kids


Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids



Looking for outside activities for preschool and for kids? Here are some ideas that may be super helpful! Here are outdoor play activities for preschoolers and for kids…



Water Table Activity – Active Littles 


Water Table Activities for Summer – Active Littles


Backyard Obstacle Course – Happy Toddler Playtime


Chalk Puzzle – Happily Ever Mom


Shaving Cream Cloud Art – Play Teach Repeat 


Outdoor Window Painting – Simple Fun for Kids


Pool Noodle Water Wall – Teaching Mama


Simple Water Play for Kids – Hands on as we Grow


Ocean Water Slide Outdoor Play – Happy Toddler Playtime


Giant Bubbles – Make and Takes


Water Balloon Hunt – Mess for Less


Musical Scavenger Hunt – Days with Grey


Paint the Car – Fun a Day 


Water Balloon Pinata – Red Ted Art



summer sensory activities for kids



Summer Sensory Activities for Kids



Sensory play is awesome! Here are some fun sensory play ideas that incorporate a bit of summer as well! 



Summer Camp Sensory Rice – Active Littles


Watermelon Oobleck – Gift of Curiosity


Giant Homemade Bubbles – Happy Hooligans


Ocean Slime Recipe – Little Bins for Little Hands


Mud Kitchen Sensory Station – Busy Toddler


Flower Sensory Soup – Simple Fun for Kids


Ocean Bin – Days with Grey 


Pom Pom Ice Cream Sensory Bag – Happy Tot Shelf


Ice Fish Play – Messy Little Monster 


Summer Sensory Bin – Teaching 2 and 3 year olds


Watermelon Slime Recipe – Learn Play Imagine


Pineapple Textured Craft – Kids Craft Room


Bubble Blow – Hello Wonderful 


Ocean Sensory Bottles – Active Littles


Ocean Sensory Bags – Active Littles



summer crafts for kids


Summer Crafts for Kids 



Summer art for toddlers, preschool and for kids is so much fun! Here are some ideas that can be helpful art activities for summer! 



Popsicle Resist Art – Fun at Home with Kids


Sponge Paint Ice Cream Art – Fantastic Fun and Learning


Egg Carton Baby Bee Craft – Buggy and Buddy


Seashell Painting – Mama Papa Bubba


Pool Noodle Painting – Fun a Day 


Chalk art for kids – How Wee Learn


Summer Sky Craft – Coffee Cups and Crayons


Paper Weaving Fish Craft – Kids Craft Room


DIY Alphabet Rocks – Hello Wonderful 


Paper Plate Swimming Jelly Fish – I Heart Crafty Things


Paper Angelfish Craft – Buggy and Buddy


I hope you try some of the activities out and if you try an activity for summer from this list, share below which one you tried! 🙂



summer activities for kids



Summer Bucket List for Kids


Here are over 100+ Summer Bucket List Ideas that are awesome!! 


  • Splash Pad Fun 

  • Water Balloon Throw

  • DIY Lemonade stand 

  • Catch butterflies and release

  • Picnic in backyard

  • Road trip fun 

  • Take a trip to the museum

  • Fly a kite

  • Go to the beach

  • Build a sand castle

  • Roast marshmallows 

  • Bring out the water table

  • Watch a movie outdoors

  • Make homemade Ice cream

  • Camping trip

  • Summer Library books

  • BBQ in the backyard

  • Make S’mores

  • Kid-friendly festival

  • Summer STEM experiment

  • Summer sensory bin

  • Bike ride

  • Collect seashells

  • Play in the sprinklers

  • Play with the hose

  • Ice Sensory Bin

  • Make pineapple Pizza 

  • Pool Noodle Art

  • Jump in rain puddles

  • Dance in the rain

  • Swimming fun

  • DIY popsicles 

  • Watch fireworks

  • Go to local farmers market

  • Pick strawberries

  • Kid- friendly hike

  • Make a delicious dessert

  • Water table sensory table

  • Create summer crafts

  • Dance under the stars

  • Star gaze in a tent in the backyard

  • Cook a delicious wholesome meal

  • Trip to the beach

  • Bake summer cookies

  • Alphabet sensory bin

  • Build an outdoor fort

  • Summer paper plate craft

  • Homemade lemonade

  • Plant a seed

  • Garden sensory bin 

  • Chalkboard paint on sidewalk 

  • Spray bottle on chalkboard ABC’s

  • Make a card for loved ones

  • Summer crafts

  • Make Kool Aid playdough

  • Make Watermelon Slime 

  • Jump in the pool

  • DIY water maze

  • DIY Slip and slide

  • Use a frisbee

  • Watch the sunset 

  • Paint rocks

  • Count rocks

  • Fishing trip

  • Outdoor Play

  • Campfire Sensory Bin 

  • Create a game with cones

  • Outdoor Water Play

  • Take a trip to a water park 

  • Create an ocean sensory bottle

  • Create and ocean Sensory bag

  • Fish Craft for Kids

  • Outdoor Sensory bin 

  • Draw a sun and the ocean

  • Create an epic Kinetic Sand Slime

  • Make a Rainbow Sensory Bottle

  • Tape Resist Activity 

  • Outdoor race 

  • Outdoor ABC hose clean

  • DIY bubbles 

  • Flashlight animal shadows 

  • Giant Bubbles with Karo Syrup

  • Outdoor Wash the animals Sensory Bin 

  • Learn birds by their chirp

  • Visit your local art store 

  • Summer craft 

  • Make Goop

  • Sponge Water Bomb Play

  • Frozen Goop 

  • Taste Safe Sand Sensory Bin

  • Create Foam Soap 

  • Window Paint Activity

  • Window Foam ABC match

  • Pom Pom Water Play

  • Pouring Play Sensory Bin 

  • Beach Letter Dig Up 

  • Colorful Water Sensory Bin 

  • Frozen Water Beads Sensory Play

  • DIY Frozen Lego Blocks

  • Outdoor Flower Sensory Bin 100

  • DIY Pool Noodle Pom Pom Ball Run 

  • Flower Color Hunt Activity 

  • Watch a parade

  • Create a Paper Mache Craft

  • Face Painting


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