Stuff the Ornament Toddler Activity


Stuff the ornament kids activity



Looking for a fun indoor activity for toddlers this Holiday season?


This was a hit in our home and includes some great benefits! 


Not only is it fun for toddlers, it’s wonderful for practicing on their fine motor skills! 



What is a fine motor skill activity?


A fine motor skill activity is one that allows your child to use the muscles in their hands to practice important life skills such as picking up a small cereal that might have fallen, future writing skills, tying their shoes… they also are wonderful tools that bring forth so many benefits.


Some benefits of this activity are: 

  • Hand/Eye Coordination

  • Future writing skills

  • Dexterity/strength practice of hands

  • Fine motor skills (as mentioned above)


These are just some of the benefits off the top of my head. There are so many more! 


Overall we had fun with these and I’ll tell you all about it! 


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That’s it! Pretty simple, eh? 



How to set up your play space for this fun fine motor activity this Christmas

I added this festive crinkle gifting paper into a bin


Then, I removed the top of each of the ornaments and set those aside making sure they are not easily accessible to my toddler. 


I then showed my toddler how to add the crinkle paper into the ornament. 


Once she was done, I closed it up and added it to our tree! 🙂


What a fun way to store these for some memorable moments! 


You can also use a sharpie marker to imprint your child’s age and the day they created their ornament so they can see in the future. How cute is that!



How can I improve my child’s fine motor skills?

By trying out activities like this one! 


Incorporating activities that help engage their hand muscles will improve their fine motor skills. 


Some fun activities are:


  • Blocks – building them upward is a great way to use their hand muscles. 

  • Pasting pieces of construction paper to a paper

  • Scissor cutting practice with children’s scissors

  • Zip and unzipping a zipper

  • A busy board 

  • Coloring

  • Playdough!! Great option!

  • Grabbing cereal puffs on their plate 🙂


All of these are great ways for children to practice on their development of fine motor skills.



Looking for more activities you can try with your child to help in their development of fine motor skills? 


  1. Pipe Cleaner Web Fine Motor Practice Activity 

Here is one we tried out during Halloween, but can work well for any season. Just substitute the green/orange pipe cleaners for red/green ones! 🙂 This is great and allows for so many benefits. 

  1. DIY Shape Threading Fine Motor Activity 

I made this for my 3 year old in mind. It can be done with household items you may already have in your home right now. The point of this game is for your child to insert the ribbon into the noodle holes to create shapes! This allows for a wonderful fine motor practice activity! 


I hope you give these a try and learned a little more about the benefits of this wonderful skill!





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Stuff the ornament kids activity

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