Stocking Stuffers Ideas for Kids Ages 1-6


Stocking Stuffers Gift Ideas for Kids


Stocking Stuffers!! They’re all the rage on Christmas and the holidays!


Hang them on the chimney or near the Christmas Tree and your kids will enjoy the fun little gifts that are inside! 


But, what are some fun stocking stuffer ideas, you may ask? 


I’ve compiled a list of great stocking stuffer ideas you may enjoy. 


I’ll be covering stocking stuffer ideas for 1 year olds, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. 


If you haven’t checked out our toy gift ideas for 1 year olds, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners, what are you waiting for? 



What do you use for stocking stuffers?


Stocking stuffers are usually red and big and look like santa’s shoe. 


Little children enjoy seeing it filled up on Christmas Day, full of smaller sized presents. 


We usually purchase ours online. The dollar tree also has tons of them if you are near one. 


Overall, their great to place smaller gifts in! 



What makes for a great stocking stuffer gift


I really enjoy filling up my kids stocking stuffers with gifts that inspire them. 


Gifts that spark their imagination and creativity and fill them with wonder.  


Sometimes, I’ll include something small that allows for an educational activity in the grand scheme of things.


Gifts that are great for on the go, and allow my child to get creative while playing and learning. 


And I always make sure they are price friendly! 



So, without further due, let’s get into the best stocking stuffer ideas for kids…


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What do you put in a 1 year old stocking?


A small book


Small books are great for toddlers to engage with. Mama or dada can read them a story for some fun storytime!


Small Stuffed toy

Small stuffed animals that are soft and plushy are great for toddlers to grow with. They are cute and cuddly too!


Stacking Cars

Stacking cars are very beneficial for little toddlers. They’ll have fun engaging and they’ll grow with them too!


Farm Animals Learning Toy

These are perfect for little learners! They fit right in a stocking and are great for growing with and learning about the different farm animals.


Fill and Spill Toys

These are perfect little stocking stuffers for toddlers. Fill and spill toys allow for toddlers to engage and learn about what’s in front of them.




What to put in toddlers stocking?


Rainbow Stacker Toy

This stacker toy is a perfect fit for a stocking stuffer. It’s a fun and engaging learning rings allow for future use in fun activities at home as well!


Soft and squishy Activity Books

Besides being soft and squishy, these books are great for learning about different animals. How cool is that?


Transportation Toys

These are so much fun for playing and learning about one type of transportation. When your little one starts learning to count, you can practice counting how many toys they see!


Dress up Books

This dress up bear book is a fun little book for toddlers. It encourages them to see the different clothing items. 


A pack of cards

What do you put in a 2 year old stocking? A pack of cards. Just dust those cards off. It’s okay if some are missing. Toddlers love playing with cards.



What do you put in a 3 year old stocking?


Dot stickers

I have a 3 year old at this very moment I am writing this. She loves all things that contain dot stickers! These are great for setting up an activity or just for fun! And.. they will grow with them!


Sticker Boxes

Small sticker boxes are great! They fit right in a stocking and are so much fun for 3 year olds. 


Mini erasers 

My 3 year old love mini erasers for a fun follow the line game or just to separate them by eraser type. 

Either way, she loves them and engages with them and I’m all for it! 


Paint Set

3 year olds love to paint! Add a couple brushes in there and they will be wanting to paint everyday if they could! 


No Mess Painting Books

If you’re not a fan of the paint, this is a non messy paint version. 


You’ll just need a bit of water in the pen and the book that comes with it! Great stocking stuffer!


Pack of Crayola Crayons

I know my girls love a new freshly packed set of crayons. This will fit right in that stocking!




What do you put in a 4 year old stocking?


Educational Flashcards

Flashcards are amazing! Your 4 year old will grow with them as well. Some come with different shapes, colors, numbers.. The list goes on.


Coloring Book

4 year olds love to color. Add in a coloring book of their favorite character to their stocking and it’s a go!


Magnet Wands

These are perfect for a fun DIY sensory bottle or for learning what magnetizes or not. 

Your child will definitely grow with these for some STEM fun and they fit right in a stocking! 


Kid Scissors

I know my soon to be 4 year old loves cutting any paper she sees. This is great for practicing fine motor skills!


Animal/ Dinosaur toys

These were always a hit with my 4 year old. Whether they are animals, fairies her favorite Disney character, they went right in the stocking. These toys will grow with them as they get older!




What do you put in a 5 year old stocking?


Stationery set 

5 and 6 year olds love writing and drawing all they come up with using their imagination. 

These usually come with stickers, a pen and a pad. A stationary set is great to store for memories keepsake as they grow older!


Fine Motor Tools 

These are amazing for sensory bins. We use them all of the time. Plus, they work well as they grow older too!


Uno Cards

Kids love games. Uno cards are great for 5 and 6 year olds and are fun too! 


Toy Figures

Toy figures are amazing for learning to count when stacked in a line, for small world play and for on the go. Small toys fit well in a stocking stuffer. 


Water beads

Because what kid doesn’t like sensory play? These are great to pull out on any day and they fit right in your stocking! 




What are some good stocking stuffers for kids?


All of these ideas will work well! 


Do you have any fun ideas you’ve tried over the years in your child’s stocking stuffers? Leave a comment down below! I’d love to learn about it.



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Stocking Stuffers Gift Ideas for Kids

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