St. Patricks Day Water Play for Kids


water play activity for kids



Let me tell you.. 🙂


Water play is one of those amazing sensory play ideas that will always have a special place in my heart. 


It is so simple to set up, my girls play with it for a really long time, I can turn it educational, theme it for whatever holiday is coming and clean up is a breeze! 


This particular one we tried this time around is themed for – St. Patrick’s Day


It was loads of fun! 


If you’d like to learn how we made this simple water bin for kids and all the items I used to make it, I’ll be sharing it below. 


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And, that is all there is to it! 




What does water play mean? 


Water play is the encouragement of the development of pouring and scooping toys via fine motor play


It allows for the benefits of sensory play


Water play can mean squirting, painting water, pouring, filling, sponge painting, scrubbing, using a pipette for water dripping… 




What are the benefits of water play?


Water play is filled with benefits. 


Sensory play is one of those benefits. 


To learn all about the benefits of sensory play and over 100 sensory play ideas, definitely take a look right here


Other amazing benefits of water play are: 


  • Independent play

  • Imaginative play 

  • Pretend Play

  • Fine Motor Play

  • Stimulation of Imagination

  • Stimulation of Creativity

  • Development of social skills

  • Therapeutic Play

  • Development of Language and Communication





Is water play sensory? 




It is filled with sensorial benefits. 


Water is a natural resource. 


When played with it allows for stimulation of the senses. 


Think of the splashing of the water and the sounds the water makes when splashed around. 


This allows for stimulation of the senses. 




How I put together this easy water play idea


It was as simple as pie. 


I added water into a bin. 


Then, I added a bit of green dye. 


Whisp the green dye around in the water so the dye consumes the water and turns it green. 


Tip: Do not put too much dye in the water as it will become very pigmented and you may not be able to see below the bin. 


Add your manipulatives such as your faux gold coins, St. Patricks Day items (kid- friendly).. 


Also include your scoop and pour toys. 


And, voila! 


You’ve created an epic water play bin for play! 




Simple water play educational for early learning 


Scooping and pouring water is also a great way to apply early learning skills. 


For example, preschoolers can count the manipulatives as they scoop them up. 


Kindergarteners can add or subtract them 


Have you tried water play before? 


How was your experience? Leave me a comment below. 🙂



st. patricks day water play activity

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